Materials & Mechanics

  • [Study topics]
    Solid mechanics, theory of elasticity, fracture mechanics, elastic-plastic dynamics, visco-elastic mechanics, non-elastic mechanics, study of kinematic viscosity of plastic, thermal elastic mechanics, micromechanics, damage mechanics, interfacial mechanics, study of strength of materials, reliability engineering, optimal design, safety engineering, biomechanics, experimental mechanics, plastic processing science, computational solid mechanics, finite element method, boundary element method, molecular dynamics, simulation technology.
  • [Application topics]
    structural design, strength design, stiffness design, material design, damage-life evaluation, failure diagnosis, nondestructive evaluation, accident analysis, fractography, stress–strain measurement, reliability analysis, quality assurance, materials and structure diagnosis, aging equipment management, structural design, optimal design, risk-based design, electronic device design and implementation, image analysis.
  • [Phenomena studied]
    Material strength, fracture, fatigue, creep, environmental strength, stress concentration, stress singularity, contact, impact, stress waves, microstructure control, surface modification, adhesion and bonding, residual stress and thermal stress, instability and branching.
  • [Materials studied]
    Metallic materials, composite materials, ceramics, polymer materials, electronic materials, smart materials, smart structures, nanostructured materials, micromaterials, eco-materials, functionally graded materials.

Materials & Processing

  • [Materials]
    steel materials (tempered and ordinary steel, special steel, cast iron and cast steel), non-ferrous materials (copper alloys, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys), organic materials (plastic and super engineering plastics, rubbers, adhesives), inorganic materials (ceramics, glass, refractory materials), composite materials (PMC, MMC, CMC), functional materials (superplasticity, shape memory and super-elasticity, energy conversion, superconductivity, magnetism, tilt function), smart materials, amorphous materials, intermetallic compounds, eco-materials.
  • [Processing]
    Casting (semimolten and semisolid processing, die-casting), plastic processing (rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing, pressing), welding (arc welding, laser welding, plasma welding), joining (diffusion bonding, welding, brazing), thin film and surface treatment (CVD, PVD, ion plating, sputtering), thermal spraying, powder metallurgy (molding, sintering, HIP, CIP, MIM, MA), high-energy processing, injection molding, machining, heat treatment processing, nanoprocessing, special processing, robot-based processing.
  • [Characteristics and evaluation]
    Mechanical properties, material strength, fatigue, fracture toughness, creep, inelastic behavior, impact properties, damage-life evaluation, surface modification, structure control, fretting phenomenon, wear and friction, stress corrosion, material testing methods, non-fracture assessment, aesthetic evaluation, functional evaluation.
  • [Application technology]
    Material design, lightweight technology, multifunction technology, composite function technology, new material fabrication technology, mold design technology, optimized production technology, layered manufacturing, disposal and recycling, LCA.

Fluids Engineering

  • [Main keywords]
    Noncompressible fluids, compressible fluids, turbulence, multiphase flow, cavitation, non-Newtonian fluid, functional fluids, quantum and molecular dynamics, wave, boundary layer, free-surface flow, fluid machinery, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics (EFD).
  • [Related keywords]
    Chaos, unstable flow phenomenon and transitional flow, turbulence control, turbulent diffusion, water hammer, fluid transients, tube flow, jet flow, wake flow, diffusers, interface, hypersonic and supersonic flow, shock waves, flow-vibration, fluid sound, rarefied gas dynamics, bio-inspired flow, combustion and reaction flow, electromagnetic fluids and plasma, magnetic and MR fluids, liquid crystals, superfluids, microflow, environmental fluids, atmospheric and ocean currents, wind and tidal power, wave power, open channel, wind tunnel, fluid measurement and visualization, control of flow, fluid mechanical elements, drag and lift, wing and wing column, pump, water wheel, steam turbine, gas turbine, compressor, blower, vacuum equipment, oil pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, fluid systems, fluid transport, capsule transport.

Thermal Engineering

  • [Main keywords]
    Heat transfer, combustion, thermal properties, thermodynamics, multiphase flow, phase change, heat and mass transfer, refrigeration and air-conditioning, biothermal engineering, microscale thermal engineering, energy, environment, thermal fluid systems, thermal fluid measurement, numerical thermal fluid engineering, heat flow control, chemical reactions.
  • [Related keywords]
    Forced convection, natural convection, radiation, boiling, evaporation, condensation, melting, coagulation and freezing, thermal conductivity, heat transfer control and promotion, cooling of electronic devices, porous quality and packed bed, heat pipe, plasma, heat storage and cold storage, heat exchange vessel, heat pump, micromachine, gas combustion, reaction kinetics, waste combustion, spray combustion, solid combustion, non-equilibrium, molecular dynamics, interface, aerospace thermal engineering, energy systems, global environment, fuel cells, nuclear power, visualization, laser application technology.

Engine Systems

  • [Main Keywords]
    Engine systems, reciprocating engine, rotary engine, gasoline engine, diesel engine, alternative fuel engine, gas turbine, rocket, external combustion engine, the Stirling engine, new system engine, hybrid engine, cycle theory, energy conversion, thermal efficiency, energy systems, co-generation, pollutant suppression, CO2 problem, NOx, microparticles, unburned hydrocarbons, exhaust gas purification catalyst, lubrication, fuel, fuel supply, injection system, atomization, spray, gas flow, mixture formation, ignition, combustion, flame propagation, spray combustion, engine control, air-fuel ratio control, vibration noise, measurement diagnostics, laser measurement, performance prediction calculation, flow/combustion simulation, engine components, engine design, fuel cell, fuel reforming, battery.

Power & Energy Systems

  • [General]
    Power and energy systems, electrical machinery, fluid machinery, construction materials, refrigeration and air-conditioning, heat flow, system control, energy development, conversion, transfer and storage, energy environment, energy conservation, numerical simulation.
  • [Power generation]
    Hydroelectric power generation, thermal power generation, combustion, furnace, boiler, steam turbine, combined cycle, gas turbine, cogeneration, coal gasification, nuclear power, nuclear fusion, nuclear fuel cycle and reprocessing, safety and reliability engineering, risk-based engineering, real-time monitoring, human factors, crisis management, probabilistic safety assessment (PSA), aging, life evaluation, diagnostic technology, decommissioning, radioactive waste, geological disposal.
  • [New energy and new areas]
    Space power, new generation and new energy, natural energy, biomass, fuel cell, fuel reforming, micro gas turbine, distributed energy systems, hybrid power generation system, direct power generation.

Dynamics, Measurement & Control

  • [Dynamics]
    Vibration, random vibration, continuum vibration, modal analysis, damping, non-linear vibration and dynamics, rotor dynamics, electromagnetically induced vibration, modeling, acoustics, multibody dynamics, flow-induced vibration, human dynamics, wave motion, complex systems, simulation.
  • [Measurement and signal processing]
    Data processing, monitoring and diagnosis, safety and reliability, physiological measurement, sensors, image processing, information transmission.
  • [Control]
    Vibration control, motion control, sound field, noise and acoustic control, wave control, optimal control, robust control, nonlinear control, adaptive control, fuzzy, neuro and learning control, process control.
  • [Design]
    Optimal design, optimization problem techniques, vibration damping device, magnetic bearings, magnetic levitation, robot, smart materials and structures, actuators, human-machine interface, silent engineering, biological engineering, artificial life, computer-aided design.
  • [Important machines]
    Rotating machinery, plant equipment, construction, transport and lifting machinery, aerospace structures, machine tools, micromachines, mechatronics, automobiles and trains, information and precision equipment, optical equipment, internal combustion and heat engines, oil hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, biomechanical and medical equipment.

Robotics & Mechatronics

  • [Keywords]
    Robots (intelligent equipment, space robot, robotics), actuators (electrostatic actuators, electromagnetic actuators, hydraulic actuators), active sensing, piezoelectric element, positioning, genetic algorithm (GA), movement, medical and welfare support, chaos, learning, images, speech recognition mechanism, walkers, controllers, servo control, emotional sensory and physical autonomy, artificial life (A-Life), artificial intelligence (AI), skills, production systems, bioengineering, sensors, sensor fusion, emergent robotics, dynamics, knowledge information processing, machine intelligence, adaptation, telerobotics, internal and external boundary measurements, navigation, neural networks, human engineering, virtual reality, biomimetics, hand behavior, humanoid, human interface, fuzzy systems, planning, distributed coordination, micromechanisms, manipulator, multiagents, man-machine communication, mechatronics, motion control, manufacturing education, rescue.

Micro-Nano Science & Technology

  • [Keywords]
    Atomic- and molecular-scale modeling and measurement, multiscale and simulation, calculations from first principles, molecular dynamics, exploration and creation of nanomaterials and functional materials, evaluation technology of micro- and nanomaterials, phase interfacial phenomena, nano- and microflow, micro- and nanotribology, positioning technology, micromachining technology, MEMS technology, microbonding and packaging technology, nano- and microprocessing, ultraprecision machining, microsensors and actuators, measurement and control technology of micro- and nanosystems, microscale energy conversion, microcombustion, energy harvesting, cell kinetics, cell/DNA manipulation, micro-TAS, micromedicine and welfare devices.

Computational Mechanics

  • [Keywords]
    Finite element method, boundary element method, finite difference method, mesh-free method, molecular dynamics, elastic mechanics, heat elastic mechanics, elastic-plastic mechanics, visco-elastic mechanics, computational solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer engineering, computational heat flow engineering, bioengineering, mathematical analysis method, mathematical model, element division, modeling technology, simulation technology, visualization technology, coupled problems (such as fluid-structure interaction and electromagnetic-structure interaction) complex systems analysis, multiscale analysis, inverse problems, optimal problem, CAD/CAM/CAE, expert systems, AI, neural networks, cellular automata, evolutionary computation, computer application technology, supercomputers, parallel computers, personal computers, network computing, cluster computing, collaboration systems, computer graphics, grid computing.

Machine Design & Tribology

  • [Machine elements]
    Machine elements, power transmission, motion transmission, transmission mechanism, transmission device, fastening, gear, belt, chain, screw, spring, damper, universal joint, precision, maintenance diagnostics.
  • [Tribology]
    Tribology, lubrication, friction and wear, surface and interface, contact and sliding, surface modification, surface damage, bearing, seal, traction drive, micro- and nanotribology.
  • [Machine design]
    Machine design, system design, mechanisms, guidance and support mechanisms, kinematics of machinery, CAD/CAM/CAE, processing and measurement, assembly, parallel mechanism, elastic hinge, functional simulation, MEMS.
  • [Functional elements]
    Functional elements, control, sensors, tactile sensors, vision sensors, actuators, new principle actuators, fluid actuators, mechatronics, microactuators, linear motors, micromachines, motion control.

Design & Systems

  • [Design engineering, design methodology, and design studies]
    CAD/CAM/CAE, synthesis, analysis, abduction, emergence, field theory, concept and creativity support, emergent computation methods, Taguchi methods, QFD, TRIZ, DFX.
  • [Design knowledge]
    Design philosophy, design principles, design axioms, design knowledge processing techniques, design knowledge management, design knowledge sharing and reuse, functional modeling.
  • [Product development and information management]
    Product model, product development, project management, concurrent engineering, PDM, SCM, EPR, digital mock up, rapid prototyping
  • [Design systems]
    Business model, enterprise model, design productivity, global engineering.
  • [Systems engineering]
    Dispersion and coordination, collaboration, Internet application technology, database, distance education.
  • [Human interface]
    Physical media technology, virtual reality, haptics, mobile, wearables, IPT, real-world-oriented technology
  • [Development of artifacts engineering]
    Artifact engineering, service engineering, lifecycle engineering
  • [New artifact]

Manufacturing & Machine Tool

  • [Main keywords]
    Removal processing, machining, cutting, grinding and polishing, ultraprecision machining, nanomachining, electrical discharge machining, laser processing, beam processing, chemical processing, molding, casting, machine tools, working tools, grinding wheels, abrasives, tools equipment, cutting fluid, measurement processing, processing control, NC, production systems, automation technology, eco-machining.
  • [Field keywords]
    Removal processing, machining, cutting, grinding, and polishing, ultraprecision machining, nanomachining, abrasive machining, high-speed machining, high-efficiency machining, metal mold processing, ultrafine processing, micromachining, composite processing, processing phenomena, difficult-to-cut and new materials processing, mechanochemical polishing, CMP, Electro-discharge machining, laser processing, beam processing, chemical processing, ultrasonic machining, electrical processing, high-energy beam processing, plasma processing, optical processing, laser processing, electron beam machining, ion beam processing, lithography, Casting, molding, injection molding, powder molding, forging, press molding, stereolithography, rapid prototyping, Machine tools, working tools, grinding wheels, abrasive grains, tools equipment, cutting fluids, NC machine tools, cutting tools, drills, end mills, grinding wheel, abrasive grain, touring, chuck, palette, performance evaluation, cutting oils, ball screw, linear guide, guide surface, hydrostatic bearing, high-speed spindle, cutting fluids, Process measurement, process control, NC process sensing, image application measurement, light application measurement, shape measurement, surface texture, surface functions, positioning control, contour control, servo motors, linear motors, Production systems, automation technology, eco-machining, production technology, processes and manufacturing design, production modeling, production management, process design, automation technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, CIM, FA, actuators, sensors, robots, intelligent systems, recycling production, technology, lifecycle engineering, recycling.

Manufacturing Systems

  • [Field keywords]
    Automation, computers, network, database, logistics, scheduling, simulation, robotics, system model, system evaluation, production planning, production design, production management, process design, product model, data exchange, FA, FMS, FMC, CIM, CAD/CAM/CAE/CAT, AI, MAP, DNC, programmable logic controller (PLC), AGV, cell controller, automatic warehouse, factory automation, supply chain management, virtual factory, ergonomics, production culture, inverse manufacturing, tradition of manufacturing technology and skills, zero emission, autonomous distribution, concurrent engineering, supply chain management, variant variable-oriented production systems, human-oriented production systems.

Information, Intelligence & Precision Equipment

  • [Keywords]
    Computer, storage devices, input/output equipment, terminal equipment, AV equipment, OA equipment, precision machinery, optical equipment, measurement, knowledge information processing, AI, human interface, precision processing, semiconductor manufacturing technology, mounting technology, control, positioning mechanism, mechatronics, micromechanics, CAE/CAD, dynamics, tribology, media, thermal and fluid design, clean technology.


  • [Keywords]
    Biomechanics, bioengineering, biorheology, medical engineering, rehabilitation engineering, welfare engineering, sports engineering, biological information science, life sciences, biomaterial tests, biometrics, biotechnology, biomodeling, biosimulator, molecules and cells, tissues and organs, biomaterials, biocompatible and functional materials, implants, biological properties, biolubricants, bioheat mass transfer, biological motor functions, adaptation and control, damage and healing, growth and reconstruction, sensory functions, bio mechanism, kinesiology, bioenergy, biological environment, artificial organs, medical diagnostic equipment, medical information technology, medical support, regenerative medical technology, health equipment, nursing equipment, sports equipment, safety assessment and design, comfort design, human engineering design.

Sports engineering and Human Dynamics

  • [Keywords]
    Digital and human body behavior analysis, sensitivity, FEM, injury analysis, biological information, multibody, CFD, impact, measurement, EMG, vibration.

Environmental Engineering

  • [Environmental engineering general]
    Global environment, urban environment, ecosystems, living environment, global warming, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, environmental pollutants, greenhouse gases, symbiotic environment, recycling-oriented society, zero emissions, environmental assessment, lifecycle assessment, eco-design.
  • [Energy and resources]
    Energy and resource conservation, new energy, natural energy, renewable energy, cogeneration, waste heat utilization, area heating.
  • [Sound and vibration technology]
    Sound environment, vibration, noise, sound insulation and absorption, comfortable sound, soundscape.
  • [Waste treatment technology]
    Recycling, RDF, refuse incinerators, gasification melting furnace, dioxin contamination, biogasification, waste power generation, landfill disposal.
  • [Air and water conservation]
    Atmospheric environment, aquatic environment, exhaust gas treatment, waste water treatment, air pollution, water pollution, water purification, irrigation water.
  • [Air-conditioning and refrigeration technology]
    Air-conditioning, refrigeration, refrigerant, heat pump, heat storage and heat transfer, water supply, ventilation, indoor air quality.

Industrial and Chemical Machinery & Safety

  • [Keywords]
    Industrial machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, marine machinery, chemical equipment, reactors, separation equipment, mixing equipment, heat exchangers, chemical plants, petroleum plants, oil pipelines, food equipment, bio plant, textile machinery, spinning machine, paper manufacturing machinery, printing machinery, chemical plant system and disaster prevention, process system design, equipment and environmental protection, equipment diagnosis.

Transportation & Logistics

  • [Keywords]
    Transportation systems, traffic control, automobiles and industrial vehicles, intelligent transport systems (ITS), emission regulations and low-emission vehicles, railways and levitated railways, new urban transportation, aviation and space access, airship, marine ship, maritime transportation systems, ocean development technology, lifts, amusement facilities, elevators, escalators, logistics systems, storage sorting equipment-packaging machinery and containers, automatic recognition technology, handling-transportation and construction machinery, cranes, conveyors, navigation and traffic control systems, risk management, composite materials, structure and strength, dynamics and control, vibration and noise, tribology, measurement technology, CAE and simulation, CAD-CAM, intelligence and autonomy technology, amenities, human engineering, design, maintenance, diagnostic techniques, safety and reliability, environment, recycling, barrier free, universal design, IT, fluid and aerodynamics, heat and energy.

Space Engineering

  • [Keywords]
    Space transportation systems, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, space propulsion systems, space heat fluid mechanics, re-entry aerodynamics, thermal control, spacecraft systems and control, artificial satellites and planets, space stations, small, ultrasmall, and nanoscale satellites, space-related equipment and devices, navigation guidance control, attitude control, rendezvous and docking, space navigation mechanics, on-orbit servicing, space robots, moon and planetary exploration, rover (mobile spacecraft), large-scale systems engineering, risk management, quality control, space structures, development and extension structures, heat-resistant structures, vibration testing, acoustic testing, thermal vacuum environment testing, space materials, space environment utilization, microgravity, space environment, closed ecosystem, space debris, earth and astronomical observation, remote sensing, tele-science, space solar energy power generation, manned space activities, astronauts, life-support systems, environmental control, space tourism.

Technology & Society

  • [History of technology and engineering]
    (technical civilization) Natural history, industrial archeology, machinery memorial (future engineering) know-how, software
  • [Technology education and engineering education]
    (engineering education) Technical concepts, continuing education, (engineer education) creativity training, workplace education, (engineer qualification) engineer qualifications, international professional engineer, engineer certification.
  • [Engineering ethics]
    (technology prediction), simulation, (technical evaluation) assessment, (safety)reliability.
  • [Law engineering]
    (product liability) quality assurance (intellectual property rights) TLO, (specifications and standards) standards, industry standards.
  • [Technology association]
    (technology transfer) technology and internationalization, technology exchange, research and development, (technical tradition) skills, consultants, traditional techniques, (technical environment) recycling, artifact environment, lifecycle, (technology and economy) market demand, management engineering, (politics and technology) industrial policy, core industry, (technology and culture) beauty and technology, technology and psychology (value addition) planning and strategy (industrial systems) hollowing out of industry, state of the manufacturing industry, declining popularity of the manufacturing industry.

Law & Technology

  • [Keywords]
    Product safety, food safety, product liability, occupational health and safety, accident prevention, plant disaster prevention, earthquake disaster prevention, security, reliability, accident investigation, expert testimony and identification, human function support, protecting the natural environment, living environment protection, urban environmental protection, global warming prevention, energy conservation, resource conservation, recycling, waste disposal, standards (the standard, the norm, the criteria), certification, quality assurance, risk management, management system standards, professional responsibility, qualification systems, engineering ethics, code of ethics, industrial policy, intellectual property protection, technology leverage information, technology strategy, law engineering education.

Updated: 3rd July 2021

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