We are honored to announce the publication of the journal "Mechanical Engineering Journal", which is an international journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). The journal is one of four new JSME journals published under the title "Bulletin of JSME", which are "Mechanical Engineering Reviews", "Mechanical Engineering Journal", "Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)", and "Mechanical Engineering Letters".

The JSME had been publishing international journals such as Bulletin of the JSME (1958-1986) and JSME International Journal (1987-2006) which continuous volume numbers. Since 2006, 11 international journals have been published as free accessible e-journals using the system J-Stage. These journals cover several specialist areas, have been edited and managed by divisions of the JSME, and have been supplying valuable technical information on the research and development of mechanical engineering science and technology to Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and worldwide.

As a result of recent trends in research and development in the field of mechanical engineering, it has become important to provide the most recent information and technology not only on leading-edge research in specialist areas but also on research and development to solve cross-cutting issues. The JSME has integrated its international journals to produce "Mechanical Engineering Journal" with the exception of four international journals, "Journal of Fluid Science and Technology", "Journal of Thermal Science and Technology", "Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering", and "Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing".

Mechanical Engineering Journal (MEJ) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal involved in the master journal list of WoS that publishes significant and novel contributions in all fields of mechanical engineering. The journal’s primary aim is to facilitate the emergence of new concepts and important innovations that advance worldwide progress in mechanical engineering.

MEJ publishes Research Papers in 12 broad categories: Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering; Fluids Engineering; Thermal, Engine and Power Engineering; Dynamics & Control, Robotics & Mechatronics; Micro/Nano Science and Technology; Computational Mechanics; Design, Systems, and Manufacturing; Bio, Medical, Sports and Human Engineering; Environmental and Process Engineering, Safety; Transportation and Logistics; Space Engineering; and Law, History, Education and Management Engineering. The journal especially welcomes articles that bridge the diverse topics in the field.

MEJ articles are published as Advanced Online Publications and are compiled into bimonthly issues, all of which are freely available from the J-STAGE platform. The journal’s broad readership includes researchers and engineers from around the world.

Hitoshi ASANO
Mechanical Engineering Journal

Categories and Keywords

This journal publishes articles in following study field.

Category abbreviation Divisions, Professional Committees and Promotion Committee
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Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering SMM Materials & Mechanics Materials & Processing
Fluids Engineering FE Fluids Engineering
Thermal, Engine and Power Engineering TEP Thermal Engineering Engine Systems Power & Energy Systems
Dynamics & Control, Robotics & Mechatronics DR Dynamics, Measurement & Control Robotics & Mechatronics
Micro / Nano Science and Technology MN Micro-Nano Science & Technology
Computational Mechanics CM Computational Mechanics
Design, Machine Element & Tribology, Information & Intelligent Technology, Manufacturing, and Systems DMIMS Machine Design & Tribology Design & Systems Manufacturing & Machine Tool Manufacturing Systems Information, Intelligence & Precision Equipment
Bio, Medical, Sports and Human Engineering BMS Bioengineering Sports engineering and Human Dynamics
Environmental and Process Engineering, Safety EPS Environmental Engineering Industrial and Chemical Machinery & Safety
Transportation and Logistics TL Transportation & Logistics
Space Engineering SE Space Engineering
Law, History, Education and Management Engineering LH Technology & Society Law & Technology


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