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Nuclear Energy the Future Zero Carbon Power

Vol.8, No.4 (August 15, 2021)
Submission Deadline: December 25, 2020
Note: Please select a Section/Category "Nuclear Energy the Future Zero Carbon Power(MEJ:TEP)" on Editorial Manager.

ICONE is the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering sponsored by JSME (Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and CNS (Chinese Nuclear Society). ASME’s POWER2020 and Nuclear Engineering Conference powered by ICONE (ICONE2020) was held as a virtual conference during August 4-5, 2020. The theme was “Nuclear Energy the Future Zero Carbon Power” in ICONE2020. During ICONE2020, vigorous discussion was done in various topics including plant operation and maintenance, nuclear fuel and materials, next-generation reactors, fuel cycle, nuclear safety, thermal-hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics, beyond design basis events, etc. Obviously, it is of considerable importance to distribute these latest researches all over the world. In view of this, it has been decided to publish the special issue of ICONE2020 in MEJ (Mechanical Engineering Journal) that is the international scientific journal of JSME. The authors of ICONE2020 papers are encouraged to submit the augmented and/or revised version(s) to this special issue.

In Japanese
日本機械学会、米国機械学会、中国原子力学会が主催するASME’s POWER2020 and Nuclear Engineering Conference powered by ICONE (ICONE2020)が2020年8月4日、 5日にバーチャル会議として開催された。ICONE2020では、「Nuclear Energy the Future Zero Carbon Power」をサブテーマとして、原子力工学に関連したプラント運転保守、 原子燃料と材料、次世代炉、燃料サイクル、原子炉安全性、熱水力、計算力学、設計基準を超える事象対応等について、活発な議論がなされた。今回バーチャルで開催された本会議において 発表された最新の原子力に関する研究発表や議論を、日本機械学会誌を通して全世界に発信することは重要である。そこで、ICONE2020で発表された講演論文をベースに本特集号テーマに関する 研究論文を募る特集号を企画する。

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