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Latest Research and Development in Power and Energy Systems

Vol.7, No.4 (August 15, 2020)
Submission Deadline: February 29, 2020
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Power and energy system division holds International Conference on Power Engineering (ICOPE) collaborating with American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Chinese Society of Power Engineering by yearly. The 14th ICOPE had been held in Kunming, China in October, 2019 hosted by CSPE. ICOPE covers wide field related on power engineering except for nuclear power. Those are large scale thermal power system, natural energy including hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, and so on, and distributed energy system including combined heat and power, fuel cell. And also, energy supply and utilization system including fuel supply, energy demand levelling using energy storage, heat pump system, waste heat recovery. These studies are wide variety of fundamental research on heat transfer, thermo-fluid dynamics, material, measurement technology, and so on, to engineering technology for real scale system, such as operation, maintenance, and diagnostics. This special issue invites the papers with the contents presented in the ICOPE after polishing based on the discussion in the conference.

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