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The 6th International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics (ICAM2015)

The 6th International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics (ICAM2015) will take place at Nishiwaseda Campus of Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan from December 5th to 8th, 2015. Please see here for the details.

The international journal gROBOMECH Journalh from Robotics
and Mechatronics division

A new international journal gROBOMECH Journalh has started as the official international journal of the Robotics and Mechatronics Division. Since 2014, it will be published as open-access journal by Springer. Please see here for the details.


The Robotics and Mechatronics Division (RMD) provides opportunities to have mutual and active communications on the cutting-edge research or technologies in robotics and mechatronics field. The division also open their information - not only for our own country but also internationally - so that researchers and engineers all over the world can share various and fruitful information in the field. Such communications and issues will necessarily accelerate their research and developments with their dynamism. Furthermore, the RMD contributes to support creation, sharing and inheritance of knowledge in robotics and mechatronics fields, and helps to return their fruits to the society, where people are now exposed to various kinds of dangers due to such as crimes, disasters or severe accidents and suffer from serious concerns of rapid aging and very low birthrate. This activity policy of the RMD will surely contribute to achieve contentment in construction of secure and safe societies and meet future prediction of great expansion of market size in the fields of medical welfare, living, and various public services.


  1. Conference and Symposium: Robotics and Mechatronics division holds the JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ROBOMEC) every year and International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics (ICAM) every five years. The division organizes various kinds of events such as organized sessions or forums for robotics and mechatronics in Mechanical Engineering Congress which is held by JSME every year. The division also sponsors several other domestic conferences on Robotics and Mechatronics such as Robotics Symposia, WWLS (Welfare, Wellbeing, Life Support) or Intelligent System Symposium (FAN Symposium).
  2. Seminar, Technical tour, Robot Competition, and Social activity: The technical committee and the local technical committees in Robotics and Mechatronics division organize many events such as local seminars, special lectures or technical tours in every local location every year. The division holds the robot competition gRobot Grandprixh every year from 1997. The division supports locally arranged competitions such as gRobotics and Mechatronics Design Competitionh or gRobot Competition Produceh to contribute to local activities in Robotics and Mechatronics.
  3. Publication: The division organizes editorial boards and plans special issues for the International Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics (JRM) which is published by FUJI Technology Press L.td as the official Journal of the division every two months.
  4. Research and Study committee, and Special interest group: The division sets up research and study committees and special interest groups such as Bio-Robotics group, Robotics Education group or Eco-mechatronics group. The division supports the professional committee on Micro-Nano Engineering and some other professional committee in collaboration with other divisions in JSME.
  5. Others: The division publishes periodic newsletters (two issues per year) and the textbook gRoboticsh in Septmber 2011. The website of the division provides much information about robotics, education, collaboration with industries and universities, and announcements about events on robotics. The division presents own awards to those who have great achievement in research or technical field on robotics, and gives certificates of merit for best presentations in conferences and for contributions to the division steering.

The division will make every effort to continue above activities and to provide various kinds of valuable services such as writing and publication of new textbook series. The division will also discuss our future strategy for the future policy of robotics research and development, and the social contribution including edification and human resource development so that the robotics and mechatronics fields are more vitalized in future.

Last Update: 2015/06/30
Published by: JSME Robotics and Mechatronics Division Publicity Committee