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Technical Committee


About the Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is responsible for performing the following tasks set out by headquarters and the division in coordination with each of the district technical committees.

  • Overseeing the division for the general proceedings of the society, as well as planning and undertaking cosponsored projects.
  • Planning and executing the division's projects such as national lectures and information sessions.
  • Encouraging and supporting research activities, including workshops and special interest groups, by evaluating and proposing applications for the creation of research groups.
  • Responding to requests from headquarters to the division regarding various activities related to projects.
  • Other undertakings in relation to the division.


The role of each of the district technical committees is as follows:

  • Proposing, planning, and promoting major district meetings, including seminars and information sessions, as well as other events.
  • Overseeing the division in district seminars such as the annual general meetings; planning and executing cosponsored events;
  • Promoting and supporting district research activities, including those of research group and subcommittees; and proposing and evaluating applications for the creation of research groups.
  • Contributing to the promotion of communication between the branch and divisions.
  • Responding to various requests from the branch regarding the execution of district projects (e.g., divisional events as part of branch conferences, lectures hosted by the branch, etc.).
  • Other undertakings required for the district projects of the division.


99th-term Committee members


No Committee Title Name Affiliation Position
1 Technical Com. Chair Mihoko NIITSUMA Chuo University Professor
2 Technical Com. Vice Chair Yu Ogura Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Senior Researcher
3 Technical Com. Secretary Tomohiro Henmi Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Professor


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