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Invitation speakers from the foreign countries

30 minutes per speaker = 25 (lecture) + 5 (Q & A)

Lecture theme

BARBERO, Maria Ines (Argentina)Foreign direct investment and firms'strategies in Argentina in the 1920s

BIRCHAL, Sergio de Oliveira (Brazil)The Transfer of Technology to Latecomer Economies in the 19th-Century: The Case of Minas Gerais, Brazil

BRULAND, Kristine (Norway)The management of intellectual capital in transnational engineering: a study of Babcock & Wilcox 1860-1920

FRUIN, Mark (USA)Transferring Japanese Technology Abroad: Evolutionary & Embedded Layer Organization Models

GUZMAN, Gustavo A. C. (Brazil)Exploring Modular Production Networks: Macro Institutions of Industrial Best Practices

McGLADE, Jacqueline (USA)Technology Transfer and Economic and Military Strategy: The CoCom Controls and International Rivalry in Advanced Technology 1945-1990

SHRESTHA, Pramod B. (Philippines) Technology, Sustainable Development and Human Resources: Historical and Contemporary Perspective

STEEN, Kathryn (USA)Creating a Synthetic Organic Chemicals Industry in the United States, 1914-1930

Critical Junctures in the Growth in University High-Tech Spinout Companies

WILSON, John F (UK)Technology Transfer and the British Microelectronics Industry, 1950-75: Confused Signals

The Formation of High-Tech University Spinouts Through Joint Ventures

25 minutes per speaker = 20 (lecture) + 5 (Q & A)

Lecture theme

HAGIMOTO, Shinichiro Technology transfer and organizational capability- shipbuilding industry and building up managerial rules and resources on the case of Mitsubishi

HOJO, Masaki Role of Science and Technology in Social Education - Example in Public Transportation -

INOUE, Tatsuo Science of Tatara and Japanese Sword - Traditional Technology viewed from Modern Science

ISHIMATSU, Jun The Trials of Practical Education in Malaysia

KADOTA, Kazuo The Status Quo and Direction of Development in Japanese Technical High School

KAWAKAMI, Kenjiro William R Gorham and Japanese Industry

KOYAMA, Toru From the old military technology in Japan to the railway technology of the Super express

MITSUFUJI, Toshio Diffusion of Innovations and Their Forming Process within a Social System

NAGAHIRA, Yukio Transfer of Scientific Instrument Making Technology from Europe to Japan in Meiji Era

KOHAMA, Hiroyuki
Junkers High Pressure Air Compressor - A case of Technology Transfer through the Imperial Japanese Navy

NAKAOKA, Tetsuro Nagasaki Iron Work and the development of steam boat shipping on Lake Biwa

OGATA, Masanori
Origin of Diesel Engine is in Fire Piston of Mountainous People lived in Southeast Asia

ONODERA, Hideki Background of the technology transfer failure at Kamaishi iron mill

SATO, Kenkichi Collecting the Funds for Wind Power Business through Introducing the Green Premium Credit Card and Returning Benefits

SHIRAI, Hajime
Support plan for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in South Africa (Field survey)

SHIRAI, Yasuyuki The history of clocks technology transfer in Japan

KUMAMOTO, Hiromitsu
A Technology Transfer using the Models - Mechanical Models that Kyoto University purchased in Meiji Era -

SUZUKI, Takashi Thinking about some examples of technology transfer in the modern history

TAMAGAWA, Kanji The role of the technical documents in technology transfer - In the case of cotton-spinning -

TANAKA, Naoto Technology Transfer during the construction of Lake Biwa Canal

TOMITA, Tetsuo Industrialization of South-East Asia and Intellectual Properties -Analysis of domestic applications of patents in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam-

TOMITA, Tetsuo Difference of Climate and Difference of Technology - Comparisons and Failure of Transfers Through Patent Classifications and Beckmann's Works -

TSUBOI, Uzuhiko Historical Development of Revolving Stage of Theaters Invented in Japan - Improvement by Adoption of European Culture -

TSUJI, Masatsugu Innovation And Technology Management In The Japanese Machine Tool Industry

TSUTSUMI, Ichiro Relation to the Steam Locomotives Imported from the United Kingdom at the dawn of the Imperial Government Railway of Japan; IGRJ and the First Domestically-built Steam Engine No.221 in 1893 by the Kobe Works of IGRJ

NEMOTO, Yasuyuki
Technology transfer for Developing Countries through Appropriate Technology

WAKAMURA, Kunio Some Problems for Mismatching of Transferred Western Technique in Traditional Water Mills of Japan

YANAI, Katsutoshi FDI, Finance and management resources

YOSHIDA, Keisuke Merits and Demerits of Introductory Subjects on Mechanical Engineering Education for Freshmen in Kyushu University

GONJO, Kaoru
The First Printing Press Made in Japan