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No.22-103 市民フォーラム(国際会議MIPE2022併催)

Open Forum: New fusion of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
Date: 13:30-17:35, August 30, 2022

Online/Toyoda Auditorium Complex, Nagoya University (Hybrid event)

Program: 13:30-14:10
  New trends about Smart Manufacturing System in Society 5.0 Era
  Prof. Toshiya Kaihara (Kobe University)
  Robots will become social infrastructure
  Mr. Akihiro Nishimura (ZMP Inc. Director of the Board)
(14:50-15:05 Break)
  Inverse problem of wave scattering and microwave mammography
  Prof. Kenjiro Kimura (Kobe University)
  Biohybrid Robotics
  Prof. Shoji Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo)
  Art and Science
  Prof. Daito Manabe (Media artist / Specially invited professor at Keio University)
17:20-17:35 Discussions
  Facilitator: Prof. Ken Masamune (Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
Language: English(使用言語:英語)
NOTE: You can participate either onsite (Toyota Auditorium, Nagoya University) or online (ZOOM webinar).
However, depending on the spread of COVID19, this event may be changed to online-only.
Host organization: JSME Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment Division / Machine Design & Tribology Division / Manufacturing Systems Division / Micro-Nano Science & Technology Division / Biomedical Engineering and Technology Promotion Committee,
also supported by Japanese Society of Tribologist Surface Force Research Group
MIPE2022 Secretariat:staffnagoya-mipe2022.org
会場: Online/Toyoda Auditorium Complex, Nagoya University (Hybrid event)
参加登録費: No charge for attendance (参加費無料)
申し込み先: Registration URL(参加登録URL):https://forms.gle/MX1fVfh6cD96VQyr7

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