No.24-9  第34回環境工学総合シンポジウム2024

講演発表資格 Presenter qualification requirements


All presenters are required to be members of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. To become a JSME member, please apply for membership from the URL below.

講演発表申込期限 Application deadline for presentation

2024年2月29日(木)   3月18日(月)※延長しました

The presenter’s JSME membership number is required at the time of application for presentation.

講演発表申込ページ /  Go to application form for presentation

  1. 初めての方は,上記ページ「講演申込みはこちらから」をクリックし申し込みを進めてください.
    The application form is only in Japanese. Please click on "講演申込みはこちらから" on the page above to proceed with the application.
  2. 申込期間中は上記ページにログインし内容の修正が可能です.
    You can modify the content of your presentation by logging into the above page  until the application deadline.