Certification Program for Computational Mechanics Engineers

Solid Mechanics Field / Thermal Fluid Mechanics Field / Vibration Engineering Field



■Mutual recognition between NAFEMS PSE and JSME Senior Analyst
Consistent with the current trend, internationalization is one of the most important topics of the certification program. As one of the activities to foster such ideas and plans, JSME just started the mutual recognition system between JSME senior analyst and NAFEMS PSE JSME will now call Senior Analysts who are also Professional Simulation Engineers: International Senior Analysts. In this spirit, JSME expects the community of International Senior Analysts to grow in the near future and new interactions for simulation technologies to develop – through mutual recognition – between Europe and Japan.

■NAFEMS PSE’s mutual recognition route for JSME senior analyst
Applying for JSME Senior Analyst
Application Form for JSME Senior Analyst: NAFEMS PSE’s mutual recognition route (MS Word)

JSME Senior Analyst’s mutual recognition route for NAFEMS PSE

NAFEMS News about mutual recognition

■Media coverage
Certification Program for Computational Mechanics Engineers in Japan, EnginSoft Newsletter Simulation Based Engineering & Sciences, Year 12 No.1 Spring 2015, pp.61-62.

■Experiences of JSME Senior Analysts who are certified as NAFEMS PSEs
・I have been working as a CAE engineer mainly for structural analysis. After being certified as Senior Analysis of Computational Mechanics Engineers of JSME, I was certified as PSE of NAFEMS as a part of mutual recognition between each organization. These 2 certificate makes me be sure to be a professional CAE engineer with the background of knowledge required in the certification.

Takahiko Miyachi, Manager JSOL Corporation


・Since 2010, I have been certified as Senior Analyst grade of both Solid Mechanics Field and Thermal Fluid Mechanics Field by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, and also certified as Grade 1 of Vibration Engineering Field. In order to receive those certifications, I took additional time to study these fields of mechanical engineering over 6 years other than the normal working time. But this experience has brought me the habit of continuously studying these fields in mechanical engineering. And those certifications encourage me to keep the motivation to improve my CAE skill furthermore. Moreover, after certified as PSE of NAFEMS, I receive various information from world-wide NAFEMS community and invitation to CAE activities abroad. This makes me feel that my CAE skill as NAFEMS PSE could be world-class. By the certification as PSE, now I have strong intention to utilize my CAE skill for engineering simulations that would contribute to the prosperity of the world.

Satoshi Otsuki, Senior Researcher KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES,LTD


■Experiences of NAFEMS PSEs who are certified as JSME Senior Analysts
・I am an engineering consultant from Singapore with specialization in finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. In my job, I used computational mechanics extensively to support our local and international clients in their engineering design and decision. An internationally recognized certificate from JSME and NAFEMS is therefore mutually beneficial to my clients and myself as receiving endorsement from JSME and NAFEMS gives my clients the confidence when engaging us.
I was first certified by NAFEMS as a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) and later with increasing Japanese clients from various industries which include companies from Oil and Gas, Industrial Facilities Engineering, Offshore and Marine, Civil Engineering and Construction and Electronic Manufacturing, we anticipated and begin to appreciate that a professional certificate from JSME would be valued by our Japanese clients. We are glad to find out that after being certified as an International Senior Analysts from JSME, both our Japanese and international clients are now even more assured and delighted to work with us because our computational mechanics skills are recognized professionally by JSME based in Japan which has a world-class reputation in engineering skills and capabilities.
For candidates who has already been awarded as PSE from NAFEMS, applying and receiving International Senior Analysts certification from JSME is straightforward and easy. I am pleased to say that being certified by JSME as an International Senior Analyst is one of the most rewarding and valuable experience I have and I hope many more PSEs would come forward to join JSME as an International Senior Analysts and be rewarded with an exciting journey.

Dr Keagan Chee, Director / Senior Consultant NING Research Pte Ltd