Overseas Section of JSME/International Chapter

Overseas Section of JSME International Chapter

Location Chair Topics
Indonesia Section Institut Teknologi Bandung Yatna Yuwana Martawirya Inauguration of Indonesia Section of JSME International Chapter(July,23,2008)
Thai Section The Engineering Institute of Thailand Pichai Kritmaitree Inauguration of Thai Section of JSME International Chapter(April,25,2009)

-Conferences in Cooporation

  1. Professional Ethics: Paving the Road for the Future of Thailand (August, 26, 2009)
  2. A new Generation of Entrepreneurs in Thailand:Technology-Driven Entrepreneurs and their Enterprises(July,30,2009)
  3. The 23rd Conference of the Mechanical
    Engineering Network of Thailand(November 4 – 7, 2009)

Regulations Concerning Overseas Sections of International Chapter

December 13, 2005
Executive Board Approval

These regulations shall remain in effect as preliminary regulations from April 1, 2006 until March 31, 2011.

Objectives and naming of committee

Article 1

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) shall establish separate Overseas Sections of JSME International Chapters (hereinafter ‘Overseas Section of JSME International Chapter’ for the given country). The steering committee of each overseas section of each nation shall serve as the organizations responsible for the operation of each overseas section.

Article 2

The overseas section for each country shall serve as a forum for the exchange of information between local(JSME) members and persons belonging to the overseas section of that country and will be responsible for contributing to the development of local communities. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the conduct of affairs of individual overseas sections and for implementing the policies required to ensure smooth operations.

Article 3

The Steering Committee shall be organized as follows
Chair: 1 (to be appointed by the Chapter Steering Committee)
Secretary: 1 (to be appointed by Chair)
Members: several (to be appointed by Chair)
Several persons may also be appointed to serve as observers or as advisors if required.
Term of service

Article 4

Members of steering committees shall serve for a period of two years and may be reappointed after completion of their term of service.
Procedures for the passage of decisions

Article 5

A quorum of the Steering Committee will have been reached if a majority of the members are present. Proposed decisions shall be passed upon the approval of a majority of the members present. If the number of members present is insufficient to reach a quorum, then written resolutions may be passed instead.
Operating expenses

Article 6

Individual overseas sections will obtain funding for operating expenses through disbursements from the headquarters and other sources. The amounts of disbursements shall be determined by decisions of the Chapter Steering Committee. Operating expenses may also be used to provide reimbursements to compensate for participation fees for persons participating in local activities and other similar expenses.
Operations and accounting reports

Article 7

Individual overseas sections are to submit operations and accounting reports for each fiscal year at the end of each operating year to the Chapter Steering Committee.
Revisions and changes to regulations

Article 8

The Chapter Steering Committee shall be responsible for proposing any revisions or changes to these regulations, and any such revisions or changes must be discussed with the International Liaison Committee and gain the approval of the Executive Board of Engineering Activities.