Direct Debit for Membership Fees


Please submit the application form to the JSME office. (Do not bring it to the bank office.)

PDF format Download of the application form

* Direct Debit is available in financial institutions (banks/Shinkin banks/credit associations, etc.) and the Japan Post  all over Japan.

* In the case of using Chuo Labour Bank/Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank/77 Bank, we require your signature. Please fill in the account holder space by hand.


Cautions and Notifications

If there is any deficiency in input boxes or seals of the application form, the Direct Debit  procedure cannot be carried out. Please note the following items.

  • Please fill in all fields in the bold-lined frame only for either private bank or Japan Post bank.
  • Please fill in the specified account’s name of the bank (branch/local office), account number (passbook symbol/number), address, etc., which were reported to the bank/post office after confirmation.
  • Please confirm the registered seal and attach your seal clearly. One place for a post office/two places for a private financial institution (marginal seal/bank registered seal).
  • Please be sure to put correction seal on any corrections. (Never use correction  liquid/correction tape, etc.)
  • Please note that the Direct Debit procedure will take about 60 days after receiving the application form in order to confirm information about banks, etc.
  • Please note that the membership fee for the next year will be charged in the middle of November as per usual if no application has been made by the deadline.
  • Please inform us of the cancellation of Direct Debit no later than the end of November each year. Refund cannot be carried out for requests after the deadline.
  • Also regarding notification of changes of the specified account for Direct Debit, please submit the above form to JSME by mail.

In the Case of Failing to Transfer the Membership Fee

JSME will send the payment form by mail at a later date, so please pay the fee at the Japan Post. When you send a Direct Debit application form after the payment, Direct Debit will be applied from the year after next.


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