Meeting Calendar

Sponsored or Cosponsored Conferences

Date Conference Location
2016.8.3-5 The 15th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB15) Kitakyushu, JAPAN
2016.8.7-10 The Eighth Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics 2016 (ACMD2016) Kanazawa, JAPAN
2016.8.10-12 2016 M&M International Symposium for Young Researchers NY,USA
2016.9.11-16 The 18th International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials 2016(PATRAM2016) Kobe, JAPAN
2016.9.19-20 International Conference on Design and Concurrent Engineering 2016 (iDECON2016) Langkawi, Malaysia
2016.9.19-22 The Asian-Pacific Conference on Fracture and Strength 2016 Toyama, JAPAN
2016.11.28-29 Brake Forum in Japan Utsunomiya, JAPAN
2016.12.1-3 The 8th International Conference on Business and Technology Transfer (ICBTT2016) Magdeburg, Germany
2016.12.16-18 International Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology 2016 (MNST2016) Tokyo, JAPAN
2017.3.1-3 The JSME International Conference on Motion and Power Transmissions (MPT2017-Kyoto) Kyoto, JAPAN
2017.7.26-28 The 9th International Conference on Modeling and Diagnostics for Advanced Engine Systems Okayama, JAPAN
2017.10.23-27 The Ninth JSME-KSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC9) Ishigaki Island, JAPAN

Conferences in Cooperation

Date Conference Location
2016.7.17-21 2016Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference (PVP) Vancouver, Canada
2016.8.7-10 2016 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (IEEE ICMA 2016) Harbin, China
2016.8.22-25 2016 IEEE 16th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE NANO 2016) Sendai, JAPAN
2016.8.25-28 Joint 8th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and 17th International Symposium on Advanced Inteligent Systems (SCIS&ISIS2016) Sapporo, JAPAN
2016.8.28-9.1 10th International Conference on Fracture and Strength of Solids held by the Far East and Oceanic Fracture Society (FEOFS2016) Tokyo, JAPAN
2016.9.8-12 The 4th IIAE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Image Processing 2016 (ICISIP2016) Kyoto, JAPAN
2016.9.20-23 The 27th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena (ISTP-27) Honolulu,USA
2016.10.7-11 International Conference on Machining, Materials and Mechanical Technology (IC3MT) Matsue, JAPAN
2016.10.17-21 The 23rd International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2016) Kyoto, JAPAN
2016.10.29-11.2 The Fifth International Conference on Human-Environment System (ICHES2016 Nagoya) Nagoya, JAPAN
2016.10.31-11.2 The 15th World Wind Energy Conference 2016 Tokyo (WWEC2016TOKYO) Tokyo, JAPAN
2016.11.1-4 The 11th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (11th ISEM’16-Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2016.11.14-16 16th International Conference on Precision Engineering (ICPE2016) Hamamatsu,JAPAN
2017.9.13-15 International Conference on Gears 2017 Munich, Germany

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