About JSME


The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1897 to “advance science and technology, and thereby contribute to the development of industries.” Today, its membership exceeds 37,000, making it the nation’s leading engineering society.

Members acquire advanced technical knowledge and are introduced to new fields through discussions that focus on their own specialties as well as a variety of interdisciplinary areas. Hailing from a vast range of companies, universities, and government institutions, the members constitute a unique research community that is constantly engaged in the exchange of technical information and knowledge. Young students, well-trained engineers, and leading researchers all combine to make the JSME a dynamic pioneer in the new scientific and engineering ideas and activities of today’s rapidly changing world.

Today, highly advanced technologies such as mechatronics, new energy sources, biotechnology, and new specialized materials are becoming vital elements for industries and economies. These key technologies are created and developed by people who can envision tomorrow’s social needs –by those possessed of keen sensibility and intelligence. Thus, we at the JSME will continue to offer ever-broader opportunities for interdisciplinary meetings to all mechanical engineers and researchers.

Management Policy

The Executive Board Members (2017)

Mari OSHIMA The University of Tokyo
Naoya SASAKI Hitachi Ltd
Vice Presidents
Shinji SUZUKI The University of Tokyo
Shin MORISHITA Yokohama National University
Executive Board directors, General Affairs
Koshi ADACHI Tohoku University
Yasuo OSONE Hitachi Ltd
Naoto OTAKE Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shinobu YOSHIMURA The University of Tokyo
Executive Board directors, Finance
Nobuyoshi KAWABATA Kanazawa University
Keiichi SHIOTANI Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Motoaki TERAI Central Japan Railway Company
Executive Board directors, Publication
Itsuro KAJIWARA Hokkaido University
Chisachi KATO The University of Tokyo
Kikuo FUJITA Osaka University
Toshiro MATSUMOTO Nagoya University
Executive Board directors, Engineering Activities
Takeo KAJISHIMA Osaka University
Takao KIGUCHI Kyushu University
Executive Board directors, Public Relations and Information
Emi Ono IHI Corporation
Keiko MIYAZAKI National Maritime Research Institute
Hiroyuki YAMAMOTO Mazda Motor Corporation
Executive Board directors, Management
Yuji KUBOTA The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Supervisor Generals
Masao KOBAYASHI IHI Corporation
Masumi SAKA Tohoku University

Fact Sheet

1. Number of members (As of April 20, 2017)

Membership Types
Honorary member 159
Member (include Honorary member) 28,857
Student member 4,556
Partner 7
Sub-total: 33,420
Corporation member 699
Total: 34,119

2. Membership fee

Membership Types
Member 9,600 Yen
Student member 2,400 Yen
Corporation member classified into 8 grades

3. Number of Executive Board members

Executive Board
President 1
President-elect 1
Vice Presidents 3
Executive Board Directors
General Affairs 4
Budget and Finance 3
Publishing 4
Engineering Activities 4
Public Relations and Information 3
Management 1
Total: 24
Supervisor Generals 2

4. Councils, Boards and Standing Committees

  1. Council of Policy and Finance
  2. Council of Branches
  3. Council of Divisions
  4. Journal Publication Board
  5. Transactions Publication Board
  6. Public Relations and Information Service Board
  7. Honorary Awards Board
  8. Member Affairs Board
  9. Committee on Promotion of Branches’ and Divisions’ Activities
  10. Committee on Engineering Ethics
  11. Committee on Transactions
  12. Committee on JSME English Journals
  13. International Liaison Committee
  14. Center for publications
  15. Innovation Center
  16. Center for Codes and Standards

5. Divisions

  1. Computational Mechanics
  2. Bioengineering
  3. Materials & Mechanics
  4. Materials & Processing
  5. Fluids Engineering
  6. Thermal Engineering
  7. Engine Systems
  8. Power & Energy Systems
  9. Environmental Engineering
  10. Dynamics, Measurement & Control
  11. Machine Design & Tribology
  12. Design & Systems
  13. Manufacturing & Machine Tool
  14. Manufacturing Systems
  15. Robotics & Mechatronics
  16. Information, Intelligence & Precision Equipment
  17. Industrial and Chemical Machinery & Safety
  18. Transportation & Logistics
  19. Space Engineering
  20. Technology & Society
  21. Micro-Nano Science & Technology
  22. Sports Engineering & Human Dynamics

6. Professional Committees and Promotion Committee

  1. Law & Technology
  2. Biomedical Engineering and Technology

*Members and Student Members can register for five Divisions.

*The information of other Divisions is also available from the journal and homepage.

7. Branches (all domestic)

Number 8
Activities mentioned in the next column

8. Activities in Business Year 2016

Number of activities

Conference 42
Short course 63
Other meetings (Invited lectures, Special lectures, Forum, Technical visits) 83


Number of papers

Annual Meeting 1,356
Division Conferences 6,994
The other activities of Divisions:
  • Publishing of newsletter
  • Bestowal of Division awards
  • Drafting of JSME Standard
  • Proposal of the theme for “Collaboration Projects”
  • Proposal of special issue of journal
  • Planning of special programs for Annual Meeting
  • Recommendation of outstanding engineers and researchers to the JSME Medals and Awards
  • Miscellaneous

9. JSME Medals and Awards

  • JSME Medals for Distinguished Engineers
  • JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper
  • JSME Medal for New Technology
  • JSME Young Engineers Awards
  • JSME Education Award
  • JSME Excellent Product Award

10. Periodicals

Journal monthly
Bulletin of the JSME
Mechanical Engineering Reviews January, July issue
Transactions of the JSME(in Japanese) monthly
Mechanical Engineering Journal bimonthly
JSME English Journal divided into 4 categories

11. Annual budget in Business Year 2017

1,105,000,000 Yen

12. Number of staff

Permanent 29

Map of JSME Headquarters

Shinanomachi Rengakan Bldg. 5th Floor
Shinanomachi 35, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016, Japan

Phone: +81-3-5360-3505
FAX: +81-3-5360-3509
E-mail: wwwadmin-e@jsme.or.jp