JSME Technical Roadmaps

JSME Technical Roadmap Committee
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The JSME Technical Roadmaps we publicize now were prepared by the following ten divisions:

Content Divisions
Roadmap of high-temperature heat flux heat reduction technology Thermal Engineering div.
Roadmap of heat pump hot water supply technology Environmental Engineering div.
Roadmap of micro- & nano-biomechanics in Tissue Engineering
(Application of Load Bearing Tissues to Regenerative Medicine)
Bioengineering div.
Roadmap of automobile fuel efficiency technology Transportation & Logistics div.
Roadmap of industrial robot technology Robotics & Mechatronics div.
Roadmap of micro- & nano-processing technology Materials & Processing div.
Roadmap of engine thermal efficiency technology Engine Systems div.
Roadmap of energy machine efficiency/output technology Materials & Mechanics div.
Roadmap of design engineering technology Design & System div.
Roadmap of dynamic phenomenon analysis technology Dynamics, Measurement & Control div.