JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Tamio Arai(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
    Development of Automatic Assembly Systems based on Fundamental Analysis of Assembly Processes
  2. Takuya Kondo(Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Research and development of advanced materials for automotive parts and systems application
  3. Toshio Fukuda(Meijo University)
    Research on Intelligent Robotics, Micro and Nano Robotics and International Contribution

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. New Combination Washing Approach of Chemical Interface Controlled Dispersion and High-Speed Shearing Washing Techniques for Radioactive Contaminated Soil (First Report of Field Test in Fukushima)
    Shintaro ISHIYAMA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
    Masatake KAMITANI (MAKINO Corporation)
    Mitsunori KONDO (MAKINO Corporation)
  2. Combined Pressure-/Temperature-Sensitive Paint Arranged in Dot Array
    Tomohiro KAMEYA (Nagoya University)
    Yu MATSUDA (Nagoya University)
    Yasuhiro EGAM (Aichi Institute of Technology)
    Hiroki YAMAGUCHI (Nagoya University)
    Tomohide NIIMI (Nagoya University)
  3. Experimental and Analytical Studies on Contact Irreversible Electroporation for Superficial Tumor Treatment
    Kosaku KURATA (Kyushu University)
    Ryo UENO (Kyushu University)
    Masahiro MATSUSHITA (Kyushu University)
    Takanobu FUKUNAGA (Kyushu University)
    Hiroshi AKAMATSU (Kyushu University)
  4. Toughening of Low-Carbon Steel by Ultrafine-Grained Structure
    Tadanobu INOUE (National Institute for Materials Science)
    Yuuji KIMURA (National Institute for Materials Science)
  5. Damage Measurement of Structural Material by Electron Backscatter Diffraction (Quantification of Measurement Quality toward Standardization of Measurement Procedure)

    Masayuki KAMAYA ( Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)

  6. Evaluation of transverse crack initiation in interlaminar toughened CFRP cross-ply laminates under cyclic loading

    Hiroyuki KAWADA (Waseda University)
    Masaki SOGA (Waseda University)
    Ko SHIGEMORI (Waseda University)
    Atsushi HOSOI (Nagoya University)
    Yuzo FUJITA (Toray Industries, Inc.)

  7. On Adhesion Type Micro Manipulator with Thermal Control of Capillary Force

    Osamu NAKABEPPU (Meiji University)
    Tatsuhiko KATO (Meiji University)
    Masayuki SHINYA (Meiji University)

  8. Numerical Study of Liquid Fuel / Cavitation Bubble Mixture Injection Technique

    Ryo MASUDA (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Kiyomi KAWAMURA (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Makoto NAGAOKA (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)

  9. Correlation between Flow Accelerated Corrosion and Wall Shear Stress Downstream from an Orifice

    Yoichi UTANOHARA (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)
    Yukinori NAGAYA (The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.)
    Akira NAKAMURA (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)
    Michio MURASE (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)
    Koichi KAMAHORI (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)

  10. A Direct Discretization Approach near Wall Boundaries for a Cartesian Grid Method (Consideration of Consistency between Velocity and Pressure Fields)

    Norikazu SATOI (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Takeo KAJISHIMA (Osaka University)
    Shintaro TAKEUCHI (Osaka University)
    Masahide INAGAKII (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Nariaki HORINOUCHI (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)

  11. Experimental Evaluation of Triple-Stage-Actuator System with Thermal Actuator for Hard Disk Drives

    Takenori ATSUMI (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Shigeo NAKAMURA (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Masaki ODAI (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Irizo NANIWA (HGST Japan, Ltd.)

  12. Modeling Techniques of Deployable Meandering Tubes

    Sachiko ISHIDA (Meiji University)
    Taketoshi NOJIMA (Meiji University)
    Ichiro HAGIWARA (Meiji University)

  13. Field Test of the Back Support Muscle Suit (Application in the Material Handling Field)

    Chie SATO (Amazon Japan Logistics K.K.)
    Juji YOKOYA (Amazon Japan Logistics K.K.)
    Hiromi WATANABE (Amazon Japan Logistics K.K.)
    Hideyuki UMEHARA (Tokyo University of Science)
    Hiroki NAKAMURA (Tokyo University of Science)
    Hiroshi KOBAYASHI (Tokyo University)

  14. Tire vibration analysis for radial direction on contact and rolling condition

    Masami MATSUBARA (Doshisha University)
    Nobutaka TSUJIUCHI (Doshisha University)
    Takayuki KOIZUMI (Doshisha University)
    Yuya HIRANO (Doshisha University)

  15. Measurement Error of Kinetic Friction Coefficient Generated by Frictional Vibration

    Naohiro KADO (Yokohama National University)
    Chiharu TADOKORO (Yokohama National University)
    Ken NAKANO (Yokohama National University)

  16. Creation of Hydroxyapatite Film on Human Enamel Utilized Powder Jet Deposition

    Kei SATO (Tohoku University)
    Chihiro NISHIKAWA (Tohoku University)
    Takayuki HAGIWARA (Tohoku University)
    Keita SHIMADA (Tohoku University)
    Wataru HORIUCHI (Yamase Electric Co., Ltd.)
    Ken MATSUMURA (Tohoku University)
    Ryo AKATSUKA (Tohoku University)
    Keiichi SASAKI (Tohoku University)
    Tsutomu ISHIZAKI (SANGI Co., Ltd.)
    Tadayoshi ARAKAWA (SANGI Co., Ltd.)
    Kazushi OHTA (SANGI Co., Ltd.)
    Masayoshi MIZUTANI (Tohoku University)
    Tsunemoto KURIYAGAWA (Tohoku University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

  1. 酸素燃焼を適用したゼロエミッション微粉炭火力の開発と商用火力での実証
    氣駕 尚志 ((株)IHI)
    三澤 信博 (電源開発(株))
    伊藤 正紀 (電源開発(株))
    山田 敏彦 ((株)IHI)
    須田 俊之 ((株)IHI)
  2. External-Noise Reduction Technologies for Series E5 and E6 Shinkansen Trains
    Takeshi KURITA (East Japan Railway Company)
    Satoru AKIYAMA (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
    Yasushi TAKANO (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Shinji NAKAJIMA (Toyo Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
    Toshio SHIKAMA (Koshin Seikosho, Ltd.)
  3. 小型・薄型・軽量なMEMS 3軸触覚センサの開発
    下山 勲 (東京大学)
    中井 亮仁 (東京大学)
    高橋 英俊 (東京大学)
    永野 顕法 (タッチエンス(株))
    木鋪 大樹 (タッチエンス(株))
  4. Development of pressure wave mitigation technique by using microbubbles to realize mercury target for high power pulsed spallation neutron source
    Masatoshi Futakawa (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
    Katsuhiro Haga (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
    Hiroyuki Kogawa (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
    Takashi Wakui (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
    Takashi Naoe (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
  5. 静電容量型フレキシブル触覚フィルム
    水島 昌徳 ((株)オーギャ)
    高木 茂王 ((株)オーギャ)
    板野 弘道 ((株)オーギャ)
    水島英吏子 ((株)オーギャ)
  6. High-Performance Stability Control Technologies for Mining Trucks
    Toshimichi Minowa (Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
    Tomohiko Yasuda (Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
    Toshikazu Minoshima (Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
    Shinjiro Saito (Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
    Masanori Ichinose (Hitachi Research Lab. Hitachi, Ltd.)
  7. Design Method for Optimizing Contact Ratio of Hypoid Gears
    Hiromi Miyamura (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Yoshikatsu Shibata (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Mizuho Inagaki (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Takayuki Aoyama (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Investigation of Blood Sucking Mechanism of a Female Mosquito for Bio-mimetic Application
    Kenji KIKUCHI(Tohoku University)
  2. Model for Rheological Properties of Biological Tissue and Control Method of Medical Robot
    Yo Kobayashi (Waseda University)
  3. Swimming Mechanism of Microorganisms Revealed by the Three Dimensional Microscopy and Numerical Analysis
    NAKAI Tonau(Tottori University)
  4. Measurement of Biomechanical Properties of Actin Stress Fibers
    MATSUI Tsubasa S. (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  5. Fabric product recognition and manipulation by automated intelligent machinery
    Kimitoshi Yamazaki(Shinshu University)
  6. Estimation of three-dimensional residual stresses using X-ray diffraction
    Masaru Ogawa(Yokohama National University)
  7. Study on the bucking analyses of flexible structural materials and the mechanical characteristics along with their large deformations
    Hiro Tanaka(The University of Tokyo)
  8. Study on Residual Stress Detection in Bone Tissue
    Satoshi YAMADA(Hokkaido University)
  9. Development of Three-dimensional Transient Two-phase Flow measurement sensors in Rod Bundle
    Takahiro Arai(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  10. A Study of Film Formation and Particle Production by using Spray Combustion Technology
    OSHIMA Motohiro(Toyama Prefectural University)
  11. Experimental and Theoretical Study on Flow Dynamics of DNA at Nanoscale
    Satoshi Uehara(Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University)
  12. Study on supersonic microjet and its medical applications
    Yoshiyuki TAGAWA(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  13. Study on Radiative Property, Radar Reflectivity and Collision Growth of Droplets Dispersed in Turbulent Flows
    Keigo MATSUDA(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC))
  14. Relaminarization and drag reduction effect by traveling wave-like control in turbulent channel flow
    Hiroya MAMORI(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  15. Influence of the Stiffness of Brake Pad on Disk Brake Squeal
    OURA Yasunori(University of Shiga Prefecture)
  16. Micro-Nano Manipulation and Measurement System for Single Cell Analysis
    MARUYAMA HISATAKA(Nagoya University)
  17. A Study of practical mechanisms and control snake-like robots
    Hiroya Yamada(HiBot Corporation)
  18. Methodology for Supporting the Design of Sustainable Society Scenarios
    KISHITA Yusuke(National Institute of Indnstrial Science and Technology (AIST))
  19. Study on energy saving of production facilities by reducing energy consumption of machine tools
    Akio HAYASHI(Kanagawa UNIV.)
  20. Development of high-speed, high-precision 5-axis control abrasive type water cutting equipment
    AOKI Takuya(Sugino Machine Limited)
  21. The design work of Partial-Height Platform Screen door System for Urban Railway
    AKIYAMA Kimiya(Kyosan Electric Manufacturing, Co., Ltd.)
  22. Development of Noise Reduction Technology for Flexible Media Handling Machines
    ISHIKAWA Misato(TOSHIBA Corporation)
  23. Construction Robotics of Lunar Sandbag Array
    INOUE Daisuke(Tokyu Construction, Co., Ltd.)
  24. Vibration analysis for tapered roller bearing fatigue prevention
    EZAKI Yuya(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
  25. Development of topology optimization method for incompressible viscous flow
    KUBO Seiji(IHI Corporation)
  26. Development of High Efficient Cutting technology with High-Pressure Coolant for Difficult-to-Machine Material
    SUGINO Atsushi(Daido Steel Co., Ltd.)
  27. Development of multi body dynamics analysis technique coupled with hydrodynamic analysis of oil-film and application to swash plate type piston pumps and motors
    SUZUKI Kenta(Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Research Laboratory)
  28. Development of leak-evaluation method for casing of process compressor
    TANNO Yohei(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  29. Simultaneous Vibration Control in Two Directions Using an Impact Damper
    NAGASHIMA Takaaki(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
  30. Development of newly designed tube for supercritical sliding pressure boiler
  31. Development of ultra-precision machine tools for optical mold machining with a high-speed and ultra-precision positioning performance
  32. Improvement of Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis for Prediction of Boiling Heat Transfer
    FUKUTA Masato(TOSHIBA Corporation)
  33. Development of the Motor Driven Compressor for Environmental Control System of More Electric Aircraft
    MITSUOKA Daisuke (Shimadzu Corporation)
  34. Evaluation Method for Beam-mode Buckling of Buried Pipeline Subjected to Seismic Ground Motion
    MITSUYA Masaki(Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)
  35. Development of an evaluation method of acoustic vehicle alerting system
    YAEGASHI Naoki(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
  36. Development of direct methanol fuel cell system for portable use
    YAGI Ryosuke(TOSHIBA Corporation)
  37. Improvement of FEM analysis method with phase transformation and tempering effect
    YAMAZAKI Yosuke(Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.)
  38. Improvement of Thermal Fatigue Life Evaluation Method for Cu Wirings of Print Circuit Board
    YAMAYOSE Yu(TOSHIBA Corporation)

JSME Education Award (since2001)

  1. Characteristic operation of development program “science and handicraft workshops for parents and children” by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering Kansai Branch Senior Club
    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kansai Branch Senior Club “science and handicraft workshops for parents and children”
  2. Development of “Tsukuba Challenge” as a training ground for system integration engineers
    Shin’ichi YUTA(Shibaura Institute of Technology)

JSME Excellent Product Award(since 2005)