JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Makoto Kaneko (Osaka University)
    Contribution to active sensing technology and its application for bio, medical science, and industry
  2. Kazuo Kiguchi (Kyushu University)
    Research on Human-Robot Interface for Wearable Human Motion Assist Robots
    Development of Fuel Cell System for Automobile

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. Non-destructive evaluation of welding residual stresses in the thickness direction via X-ray diffraction
    Masaru Ogawa (Yokohama National University)
  2. A Modelling for Craze Behavior Covering a Wide Range of Strain Rate and Its Application to Simulation for Fracture Prediction of Crystalline Polymer
    Junichi Takahashi (Keio University)
    Toshiharu Yamamoto (ASAHI KASEI CORPORATION)
    Kazuyuki Shizawa (Keio University)
  3. Study on internal flow characteristics of multiple evaporators loop heat pipe (Visualization in evaporators and condenser under microgravity)
    Yuta Matsuda (Nagoya University)
    Hosei Nagano (Nagoya University)
    Shun Okazaki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    Hiroyuki Ogawa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    Hiroki Nagai (Tohoku University)
  4. A Fundamental Study on the Heat Transport Characteristics in a Pulsating Heat Pipe by Using a Forced Oscillation System (Measurement of Effective Thermal Conductivity)
    Masayoshi Miura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Takao Nagasaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Yu Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  5. Predicting supercharging effect in suction line in inverter rotary compressor
    Atsushi Kubota (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Hirokatsu Kousokabe (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Tetsuya Tadokoro (Hitachi Appliances, Inc.)
  6. Nano powder transportation by combining plasma actuation and electrostatic mixing in a tube
    Hidemasa Takana (Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University)
    Shusaku Nakakawaji (Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)
    Satoshi Uehara (Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University)
    Hideya Nishiyama (Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University)
  7. Experimental study on the mean velocity profile in the high Reynolds number turbulent pipe flow
    Yuki Wada (Department of Engineering Nagoya University)
    Noriyuki Furuichii (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
    Yoshiya Terao (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
    Yoshiyuki Tsuji (Department of Engineering Nagoya University)
  8. Motion Transformation with Dynamic Consistency Using Nonlinear State-Space Mapping
    Masafumi Okada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Tetsuro Miyazaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, currently Yokohama National University))
  9. Hammering diagnosis algorithm with automated calibration
    Hiromitsu Fujii (The University of Tokyo)
    Atsushi Yamashita (The University of Tokyo)
    Hajime Asama (The University of Tokyo)
  10. Multi-objective optimization for snap-through deformation of bi-stable composite shell
    Shinya Honda (Hokkaido Univ.)
    Keisuke Takahashi (Hokkaido Univ.(Mitsubishi Rayon co., ltd.))
    Yoshihiro Narita (Hokkaido Univ.)
  11. Dependency of open area ratio on noise reduction for cover structure with apertures
    (Comparison between absorber inserted double plate and single plate with absorption)

    Daisuke Muto (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Genta Yamauchi (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Yasushi Takano (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Takao Yamaguchi (Gunma University)
  12. Identification method for stable spindle rotations against chatter by means of servo information
    Ryo Koike (Keio University)
    Yasuhiro Kakinuma (Keio University)
    Tojiro Aoyama (Keio University)
    Kouhei Ohnishi (Keio University)
  13. Nano-positioning System Using Self-sensing Function of Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator
    Yuuki Tamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Hayato Yoshioka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Hidenori Shinno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Hiroshi Sawano (Meiji University)
  14. Verification of micro pitting occurring process considering frictional force at the gear tooth mesh surface of power transmission gears
    Yuko Yasue (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Seiji Hiroshima (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    yasushi Hayashida (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Susumu Matsumoto (Waseda University)
  15. Development of the novel simulator that reproduces physiological and active knee motion
    Shunji Hirokawa (Kyushu Univ.)
    Teruo Murakami (Kyushu Univ.(Teikyo Univ.))
    Kazuo Kiguchi (Kyushu Univ.)
    Michihiko Fukunaga (Oita Univ.)
  16. A Level Set-Based Topology Optimization Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
    Kentaro Yaji (Osaka University)
    Takayuki Yamada (Kyoto University)
    Masato Yoshino (Shinshu University)
    Toshiro Matsumoto (Nagoya University)
    Kazuhiro Izui (Kyoto University)
    Shinji Nishiwaki (Kyoto University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

  1. Development of Helium Sealed High Capacity Hard Disk Drive
    Akihiko Aoyagi (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Takeshi Chawanya (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Koichi Suzuki (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Kouki Uefune (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
    Takako Hayakawa (HGST Japan, Ltd.)
  2. A Novel Cooling Loss Reduction Technique for Improving Engine Thermal Efficiency
    Akio Kawaguchi (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Naoki Nishikawa (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Chikanori Yamashita (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Yoshifumi Wakisaka (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
    Fumio Shimizu (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
  3. 900-MVA-class turbine generator accomplished by the indirect cooling technology with hydrogen
    Kiyonori Koga (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Tetsuya Nagayasu (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Norihiko Hana (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Kouji Kawashima (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Masahiro Kondo (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
  4. Vehicle development by application of Laser welding with circular scanning method, LSW
    Norimasa Koreishi (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION)
  5. Development of laser microfabrication process machine
  6. Smart Control of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows for Turbulent Frictional Drag Reduction of Marine Vessels
    Yuichi Murai (Hokkaido University)
    Ichiro Kumagai (Meisei University)
    Yuji Tasaka (Hokkaido University)
    Hyun Jin Park (Hokkaido University)
    Yoshiaki Takahashi (R & D Engineering Inc)
  7. Development of Constitutive Equation for Polymer with microscopic damage
    Toshiharu Yamamoto (ASAHI KASEI CORPORATION)
    Junichi Takahashi (ASAHI KASEI CORPORATION)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Long-term dimensional stability of carbon fiber reinforced plastics.
    Yoshihiko Arao (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  2. Evaluation of attraction/adhesion forces induced by surface energy of fine structures
    Kosuke Akahashi (Hokkaido University)
  3. Damage Behavior and its Prediction Methodology for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Hayato Nakatani (Osaka City University)
  4. Study on small freezing device for medical application utilizing phase change heat transfer in microchannel
    Junnosuke Okajima (Tohoku University)
  5. Research on flame structure and combustion oscillation of turbulent premixed flames by using combined laser diagnostics and direct numerical simulation
    Masayasu Shimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  6. Numerical Study on Liquid-Vapor Thermofluid Behavior in Micro Porous Media Using Poro Network Model
    Masahi Nishikawoa (Toyohashi University of Technology)
  7. Study on Decay of Grid-generated Turbulence
    Hiroki Suzuki (Yamaguchi University)
  8. Nonlinear Dynamics of Acoustically Levitated Droplet
    Koji Hasegawa (Kogakuin University)
  9. Numerical Methods for Simulating Supercritical-fluid Flows and their Applications
    Takashi Furusawa (Tohoku University)
  10. Design and control of human mimetic musculoskeletal humanoid
    Yuki Asano (The University of Tokyo)
  11. Study on Biosignal Analysis and Human Support Interfaces
    Keisuke Shima (YOKOHAMA National University)
  12. Research on measurement of mechanical properties of cellusing microfluidic chip
    Hirotaka Sugiura (Nagoya-University)
  13. Study on the motion and control of Personal Mobility Vehicles
    Chihiro Nakagawa (Osaka Prefecture University)
  14. Study on wire and arc-based additive manufacturing
    Takeyuki Abe (University of Yamanashi)
  15. Study on Web Handling Technology for Thin Plastic Film
    Yuta Sunami (Tokai University)
  16. Study on micro-scale 3-dimensional optical metrology
    Masaki Michihata (The University of Tokyo)
  17. Mechanism of variational mechanical behavior of artificial bone tissue with composite scaffold-mesenchymal stem cell system
    Takaaki Arahira (Fukuoka Dental College)
  18. Research on Mechanical Regulation of Multicellular Morphogenesis
    Satoru Okuda (RIKEN Center forDevelopmental Biology)
  19. A Numerical Analysis of Cellular Flow and Adhesion in Microcirculation
    Naoki Takeishi (Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University)
  20. Development of Wearable Gait Analysis Sensor System (H-GAIT) for Clinical Applications
    Ryo Takeda (Hokkaido University)
  21. Development of reliability assesment technique for vehicle power module by using synchrotron laminography
    Takashi Asada (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
  22. Development of Technology for High-Accuracy Fatigue Evaluation under Actual Load Occurring in Mechanical Structure
    Takeshi Inoue (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  23. Development of transverse-flux motor capable of generating large torque with compact structure
    Yasuhito Ueda (Toshiba Corporation)
  24. Development of large-scale biomass co-fireing technology in cool fired power plant
  25. Development of the high efficiency gasoline engine with the expansion of exhaust gas recirculation limit and the increase of tumble ratio
  26. Development of Optical Measurement Methods for a Full Scale Gas Turbine Combustor
    Yuichiro Kimura (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Limited.)
  27. Development of simulation technology for popet valve vibration caused by cavitation
    Kento Kumagai (Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
  28. Development of low volatile fuel burner enabling effective utilization of unused fuel in thermal power plants
    Takahiro Kozaki (IHI Corporation)
  29. Development of the cylinder block with engine oil cooling function
    Shinichi Kobayashi (TOYOTA MORTOR CORPORATION)
  30. Development of steering bogie for narrow gauge
    Takuya Saito (Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.)
  31. Development of page turning technology to support various books
    Toru Shibata (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  32. Development of multi-objective optimum design of vibration isolation structure for front-loading washer-dryer
    Yasuyuki Joko (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  33. Development of analytical fracture estimation method for severe accidents at power plants
    Hidekazu Takazawa (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  34. Development of Object Handling Technology Using Deformable Holding Mechanisms along the Shape of an Object
    Junya Tanaka (Toshiba Corporation)
  35. Development of High-speed Single Stage Centrifugal Blower using Curvilinear Element Blade in Open-type Centrifugal Impeller
    Kazuhiro Tsukamoto (HITACHI, LTD.)
  36. Development of VE method for improvement using patent information
    Nina Miyata (IHI Corporation)
  37. Development of evaluation method for internal pressure buckling of end-plate of pressure vessel
    Hiroyuki Yaka (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  38. Development of multi-swirl injector for fine atomization in automobile engine
    Kazuki Yoshimura (Hitachi, Ltd.)

JSME Education Award

  1. Practical Education on Robotics and Mechatronics and Providing via WWW
    Masaaki Kumagai (Tohoku Gakuin University)
  2. Introductory Education on Manufacturing Process on the Subject of a Stiring Engine(Teachers in charge of Education program on Manufacturing Process on the Subject of a Stirling Engine, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Hiroyuki Sasahara (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  3. Practice and Design of Innovative Education Method Using Problem-solving Game in Science and Engineering
    Alan Hase (Saitama Institute of Technology)

JSME Excellent Product Award