GYRO PILER, The Rotary Cutting Press-in Machine

1.Product Outline

Social infrastructure, such as roads, rivers, bridges, and levees protect life and property, providing a comfortable and cultural life.

However dilapidation due to aging as well as changes in public need through urbanization creates an ongoing requirement to reevaluate this infrastructure. Despite the urgent need to review the “objective”, “function”, and “location” of these structures, removal or refurbishment can prove extremely difficult. Having been constructed without consideration to additional future works the congestion of ongoing urbanization creates many physical restrictions. The Gyro press Method resolves these issues through new concepts in construction method and design, enabling the installation of tubular piles without the need to remove existing underground structures. This method using the Gyro Piler, installs piles by rotation with the assistance of cutting ring bits attached to the pile toe.

Figure 1 Construction of Cantilevered Retaining Wall by Gyro Piler

2.Technology of Gyro Piler

As shown in Figure 2, the Gyro Piler grips the previously installed tubular piles (the reaction piles) and utilizing the reaction force from these piles, installs subsequent piles, fitted with a pile toe ring bit, using the rotary function and press-in force of the main cylinder. The machine self-walks on the installed piles while the chuck grips the pile to be installed.

Figure 2  Mechanism of Gyro Piler

As shown in Figure 3, the Gyro Press method enables the installation of tubular piles through existing reinforced concrete structures and hard ground, difficult to penetrate by conventional methods.

Figure 3 Cutting through Reinforced Concrete

As shown in Figure 4, the Gyropress Method can accomplish regeneration and reinforcement works without removing existing underground structures, directly installing materials which will eventually fulfill both foundation and structural roles. Using the Gyropress Method construction works can be completed more efficiently and to the highest quality, with minimal negative impact to the surrounding environment or disruption to economic activities.

Figure 4  Application of Road Widening Work

3.Sales Result

Domestic market: 71 machines

Overseas market: 2 machines


The Gyro Piler is a newly developed Silent Piler with a rotary cutting press-in function which performs civil engineering works for social infrastructure, advancing urban renewal and disaster prevention. Giken’s press-in machines and technologies complete rehabilitation works for aged roads, bridges, river revetments and levees, realizing reinforcement of disaster prevention structures in the event of earthquake and tsunami, and contributing to and meeting the demands of a changing society.


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