JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

    1. Study on Motion and Control of Large DOF Systems including Humanoid and Human
      Yoshihiko Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
    2. Development of novel combustion and gasification technologies for power generation and syngas production and contribution to practical applications
      Toshiro Fujimori (IHI Corp.)
    3. Research and development of an automotive automatic transmission and the elemental technology
      Atsushi Honda (TOYOTA MOTOR CORP.)

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

    1. Measurement of quenching strain in paraffin drop test modelling thermal spray process
      Ayumi AMANO (Tokyo Institute of Technology (current Railway Technical Research Institute))
      Motoki SAKAGUCHI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Yu KUROKAWA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Yoshifumi OKAJIMA (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
      Hirotsugu INOUE (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    2. Development of evaluation method for fracture strength of thin films using multilayer bulge specimen
      Norio Ishitsuka (Hitachi,Ltd.)
      Noriyuki Sakuma (Hitachi,Ltd.)
      Yasuo Onose (Automotive systems,Ltd)
    3. A new quality control method based on statistics of extremes for preventing recalls for mass production products
      Yukitaka MURAKAMI (Emeritus professor, Kyushu University)
      Hisashi MACHIDA (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
      Toshio TAKAGI (President, TAKAGI Co. Ltd.)
    4. Relation between the positions of flow reattachment and maximum heat transfer at downstream of an orifice in a pipe
      Naoki SHIIBARA (National Defense Academy (Currently, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force))
      Hajime NAKAMURA (National Defense Academy)
      Shunsuke YAMADA (National Defense Academy)
    5. Scale model experiments for evaluation of liquid water transport in the gas diffusion layer of PEFCs
      Yutaka TABE (Hokkaido University)
      Satoshi SAKAIDA (Ibaraki University)
      Takemi CHIKAHISA (Hokkaido University)
    6. Mechanical and optical measurements of planar elongational viscosity with two-dimensional opposing jets nozzle elongational rheometer
      Manabu KATO (National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College)
      Tsutomu TAKAHASHI (Nagaoka University of Technology)
    7. Control of aerodynamic noise with feedback loop around the trailing edge of a curved plate with a kink shape by a plasma actuator
      Takenori MIYAMOTO (Toyohashi University of Technology (Current: SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION))
      Hiroshi YOKOYAMA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
      Akiyoshi IIDA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
    8. Development of vibration control for boiler structure of coal-fired power plant with earthquake having long period component and long duration
      Go TANAKA (Oiles Corporation)
      Satoshi FUJITA (Tokyo Denki University)
      Keisuke MINAGAWA (Saitama Institute of Technology)
      Kiyoshi AIDA (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, LTD)
    9. Research and development of thick rubber bearing for SFR(Hysteresis model for thick rubber bearing based on static loading tests)
      Tsuyoshi FUKASAWA (Mitsubishi FBR Systems, Inc.)
      Shigeki OKAMURA (Former Mitsubishi FBR Systems, Inc. ( Toyama Prefectural University))
      Tomohiko YAMAMOTO (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
      Nobuchika KAWASAKI (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
      Takahiro SOMAKI (Obayashi Corporation)
      Yu SAKURAI (Bridgestone Corporation)
      Nobuo MASAKI (Bridgestone Corporation)
    10. Development of a coupled tendon-driven 3D multi-joint manipulator(Investigation of tension transfer efficiency, optimal reel arrangement and tip positioning accuracy)
      Atsushi HORIGOME (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Shin SEN (University of Tokyo)
      Gen ENDO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    11. Development of a Wind-Tunnel for Spinning Body Using Magnetic Suspension
      Takeshi MIZUNO (Saitama University)
      Yasuhiro SAKAI (Saitama University (Current affiliation: Yamazaki Mazak Corporation))
      Masaya TAKASAKI (Saitama University)
      Yuji ISHINO (Saitama University)
    12. MoDTC-induced wear acceleration mechanism of a hydrogenated diamond-like carbon film
      Hikaru OKUBO (Tokyo University of Science)
      Hiroaki MAEDA (Tokyo University of Science)
      Shouhei KAWADA (Tokyo University of Science)
      Chiharu TADOKO (Saitama University)
      Shinya SASAKI (Tokyo University of Science)
    13. Relationship between solidification time and porosity with directed energy deposition of Inconel 718
      Tatsuhiko Kuriya (DMG Mori, Co. Ltd.)
      Ryo Koike (Keio University)
      Takanori Mori (DMG Mori, Co. Ltd.)
      Yasuhiro Kakinuma (Keio University)
    14. Study on the condition monitoring system for the sliding surface using machine learning
      Yuka HASHIMOTO (University of Fukui)
      Tomomi HONDA (University of Fukui)
      Yusuke MOCHIDA (University of Fukui)
      Kazuhiko SUGIYAMA (EBARA CO.)
      Yumiko NAKAMURA (EBARA CO.)
      Chikako TAKATOH (EBARA CO.)
    15. Three-dimensional deformation mode of multicellular epithelial tube under tension and compression tests
      Satoru OKUDA (Kanazawa University)
      Katsuyuki UNOKI (Chiba University)
      Mototsugu EIRAKU (Kyoto University)
      Ken-ichi TSUBOTA (Chiba University)
    16. Development of radio knife tip to prevent adhesion of coagulated blood by separate type thermosyphon
      Takayuki Tokoroyama (Nagoya University)
      Misato Osuka (Nagoya University)
      Noritsugu Umehara (Nagoya University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

    1. Development and commercialization of the semiconductor strain sensor STREAL
      Ryoji Okada (Glosel Co., Ltd.)
      Kentaro Miyajima (Hitachi, Ltd.)
      Hiroyuki Ota (Hitachi, Ltd.)
      Atsuo Soma (Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)
      Kisho Ashida (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    2. Development of Combine with Automatic Driving Assist Function
      Takashi Okuyama (KUBOTA Corp.)
      Tetsuya Nakajima (KUBOTA Corp.)
      Takashi Nakabayashi (KUBOTA Corp.)
      Osamu Yoshida (KUBOTA Corp.)
      Naohiro Ishikawa (KUBOTA Corp.)
    3. Development of Active Torque Rod
      Masahiko Kondo (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
      Koji Tanimura (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
      Ryosuke Yamauchi (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
      Akira Ueki (Bridgestone Corp.)
      Takayoshi Fujii (Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.)
    4. Super High Transfer Efficiency Application technology
      Kazuki Tanaka (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Shinji Tani (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Akira Numasato (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Yasunari Fujisawa (Toyota Motor Corp.)
    5. Development of Non-contact/Non-destructive Fiber Orientation Evaluation System based on Three-dimensional Thermal Diffusivity Measurement
      Hosei Nagano (Nagoya Univ.)
      Kimihito Hatori (Bethel Co.)
      Tetsuya Otsuki (Bethel Co.)
      Takaki Awano (Bethel Co.)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Atomic migration-based metallic micro/nanowire growth technique by high density electron flow
    Yasuhiro Kimura (Nagoya University)
  2. Control of the transition from wrinkles to folds in film-substrate systems for the fabrication of nanoscale materials and devices
    So Nagashima (Osaka University)
  3. Study on Performance Enhancement of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes Based on Three-Dimensional Microstructure Quantification
    MASASHI KISHIMOTO (Kyoto University)
  4. Spark Ignition and Early Flame Development of Highly Diluted Mixtures under High-velocity Flow Conditions: Characterization and Modelling
    Shogo Sayama (TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D Labs., INC.)
  5. Investigation on Microstructural Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes and Degradation of Electrochemical Performance
    Takaaki Shimura (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  6. Tunable anisotropic thermal conductivity using silver nanowire dispersed-magnetic nanofluid
    Yuhiro Iwamoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  7. Controlling the droplet and fluid motions with functional walls
    Ken Yamamoto (Tokyo University of Science)
  8. Lagrangian simulation of turbulent mixing with chemical reactions
    Tomoaki Watanabe (Nagoya University)
  9. Motion Guidance and Motor Learning using Vibrotactile Feedback Based on Vibrotactile Illusions
    Salazar Luces Jose Victorio (Tohoku University)
  10. Dynamic stability and self-exciting mechanism of a plate supported by air pressure
    Masakazu Takeda (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  11. Mechanical Design of Robotic Hand and Planning of Grasp and Manipulation for Versatile Automatic Assembly System
    Hiroki Dobashi (Wakayama University)
  12. Mapping and motion planning for autonomous control of the robots in an indoor environment
    Kimiko Motonaka (Kansai University)
  13. The clarification of low friction mechanism for carbonaceous hard coatings by in-situ observation of friction area
    Hidenori NISHIMURA (Railway Technical Research Institute)
  14. Study on new tribology design method using high flexibility of soft matter sliding material
    Satoru Maegawa (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  15. Bubble Behavior in Magnetic Fluid and Its Application for Energy Environment Technology
  16. Development and application of accelerated molecular dynamics
    Akio Ishii (Osaka university)
  17. Fluid-structure-biochemical interaction analysis of malaria-infected red blood cells
    Shunichi Ishida (Kobe University)
  18. Single-molecular researches on positive mechano-feedback at intercellular adherens junctions
    Koichiro Maki (Kyoto Univ.)
  19. Study on spontaneous droplet generation by capillary flow and its device implementation
    Hiroki Yasuga (Waseda University)
  20. Development of Thermal Deformation Compensation System of a Machine Tool with Temperature Measurement at a Few Points Using Design of Experiments
    Yoshiaki Ishino (Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd.)
  21. Development of Low-Speed Bearing Diagnosis Technology By Airborne Ultrasound Method
  22. Development of elucidation technology for large energy destruction phenomena of power semiconductors
    Yuta Ichikura (Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation)
  23. Development of ammonia/natural gas co-fired gas turbine
    Shintaro Ito (IHI Corporation)
  24. Development of Robots For Investigation Inside Damaged Hazardous Reactor Building of Nuclear Power Plant
    Koji Ueda (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)
  25. Development of Ink Circulation Supply System for Inkjet Printer
    Yuuichiroh Uematsu (RICOH COMPANY, LTD.)
  26. Development of the Anomaly Detection System by the Monitoring of the Air Spring Pressure
    Hisashi Kutsukake (East Japan Railway Company)
  27. Development of the active noise control method for the blade noise based on the theoretical acoustics.
    Tatsuhiko Goto (Toshiba corporation.)
  28. Development of the mechanical stress effect evaluation technology for stacking fault expansion in 4H-SiC power device.
    Akihiro Goryu (Toshiba corp.)
  29. Development of brake disk fatigue life evaluation technique and flexible brake pad for high-speed train.
    Yuiko Sakayama (NIPPON STEEL CORP.)
  30. Development of oil film temperature analysis for tilting pad bearing in centrifugal compressor
    Motoki Sato (Hitachi. Ltd.)
  31. Development of Fatigue Damage Evaluation Method and Fatigue Strength Prediction Method Based on Crystallographic Orientation Analyses Using EBSD Method
    Mamoru Hayakawa (NIPPON STEEL CORP.)
  32. Development of Method to estimate wheel flange wear and rail side wear on each curve by using PQ monitoring bogie
    Takuya Matsuda (Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.)
  33. Development of damage mechanics analysis for CFRP structures considering both in-plane and inter-lamina failures
    Kazuhiro Miura (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  34. Development of Evaluation Method by Numerical Simulation to predict Combustion Characteristics of Gas Turbine Combustor for Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle
    Keita Yunoki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

JSME Education Award

  1. Robot Education through Robot-contest Using Original Robot Developed by Elementary Student with Help of KOSEN Students
    Tomohiro Henmi (Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare)
    Yojiro Yamazaki (National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
    Hiroyuki Sogo (National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
  2. ROUTE (Research Opportunities for UndergraduaTEs) Program that provides opportunities for undergraduates to participate in cutting-edge research projects
    Shoji Maruo (Yokohama National University)

JSME Excellent Product Award

JSME Women of the Future Award

  1. Development of electrical evaluation and control device for skin
    Yuina ABE (Tohoku University)

  2. Clarification of the mechanism of peripheral auditory organ for cure of refractory inner ear disease
    Sinyoung LEE (The University of Electro-Communication )