High speed type of Σi loader

1. Introduction

In a manufacturing industry, it is necessary to automate all manufacturing process because of the reduction of the working population or improvement of the productivity. The development of Σi loader high speed type realizes the speeding up operation such as workpiece delivering, attaching and detaching, and so on. The manufacturing industry make efforts to speed up the loading system because of the reduction of the nonactual machining time by the speeding up of the loader also reduces the production time.
Generally, the speeding up of loading system is realized by the improvement of the motion speed. But machine vibration caused by the reinforced acceleration and deceleration of the loading motion decreases machining accuracy of the lathes. This loading system realizes the speeding up of the loading system by not only the speeding up of the motion but also the omitting unnecessary motion in the workpiece attaching and detaching process without decreasing of the machining accuracy.

Figure 1 shows the over all of the loader with vertical and horizontal axes. We also have the 3 axes type which also has the longitudinal axis for the lathe with two parallel spindle axes arranged in the direction orthogonal to the horizontal axis.

Fig. 1 High speed type of Σi loader with 2 axes mounted on the lathe

2. Optimization of the loading motion

We have developed the loaders with two orthogonal axes and technology of those, such as individualizing of the loading hands (Patent JP6174193B), workpiece spurring motion pushed by the loading hand (Patent JP5349850B), fast control of the shutter motion (Patent 5253448B).
We developed the new controlling process (Patent JP2019-147215A) by combining these technologies. Compared in Fig. 2, the technology decreases the numbered steps of the loading process by 3 from previous one.

In addition, the newly developed technology of the structure for suppressing vibration transmission (Patent JP5890365B) that reduce the vibration increased by the speeding up of the motion contributes to the saving of the loading time.

Fig. 2 Comparison of the loading process

3. Confirmed sales of High speed type of Σi loader

The loader is mainly mounted on our key products of the lathe with 5 or 6 inch chuck. The confirmed sales of them has been 13 until December 2020. It seems to increase by users with the wish of enhancement of productivity in the economic recovery from the disaster of covid-19.

4. Conclusion

This loading system realizes the loading process in 2 second which is the fastest time in the industries. We hope that the loader will be contribute to realize the requirement of the automated and unmanned manufacturing process mounted along with the certain disaster.

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