JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

    1. Continuous and Comprehensive Research and Development for Automobile Noise and Vibration Improvement
      Masao Ishihama (Meiji Univ.)
    2. Research and Development of Control Systems for Multiple Robots Coordination and Physical Human-Robot Interaction
      Kazuhiro Kosuge (Tohoku Univ.)
    3. Contribution to Development and Commercialization of High-Efficiency Distributed Power Generation System Combined with Gas Turbine and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
      Yoshinori Kobayashi (Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.)
    4. Turbine blade cooling technologies for ultra-high temperature industrial gas turbines
      Kenichiro Takeishi (Former Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Former
      Osaka University, Former Tokushima Bunri University)
    5. Development and analysis of power transmission gears for automobiles

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

    1. Strength evaluation of CFRP tank based on meso-scopic zooming analysis
      Shinichiro TAKEMOTO (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
      Nobuhiro YOSHIKAWA (The University of Tokyo)
    2. Brick model for nonlinear deformation and microcracking in thermal barrier coating
      Eito YONEMICHI (Tokyo University of science)
      Hiroaki KATORI (Soft Bank)
      Masayuki ARAI (Tokyo University of science)
      Kiyohiro ITO (Tokyo University of science)
      Tatsuo SUIDZU (TOCALO Co., Ltd.)
    3. Development of an adjacent three-point MEMS heat flux sensor for internal combustion engines
      Kazuhito DEJIMA (Meiji University)
      Osamu NAKABEPPU (Meiji University)
      Yuto NAKAMURA (Meiji University)
      Tomohiro TSUCHIYA (Meiji University)
      Keisuke NAGASAKA (Meiji University)
      Masaaki HIGUCHI (Meiji University)
    4. Simultaneous two cross-sectional measurements of NH3 concentration in bent pipe flow using CT-tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
      Yoshihiro DEGUCHI (Tokushima University)
      Takahiro KAMIMOTO (Tokushima University)
    5. A study of aerodynamic sound generated from an airfoil placed in a flow with turbulence (2nd Report: In the case of airfoil subjected to circular-cylinder wake)
      Noriaki KOBAYASHI (The University of Tokyo(Osaka University))
      Yasumasa SUZUKI (Nihon University)
      Chisachi KATO (The University of Tokyo)
    6. Sterilization in liquids by air plasma under intermittent discharge
      Kairi MURAMATSU (Tohoku University)
      Takehiko SATO (Tohoku University)
      Tomoki NAKAJIMA (Tohoku University)
      Toshikatsu NAGASAWA (Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation)
      Tatsuyuki NAKATANI (Okayama University of Science)
      Shigeru FUJIMURA (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)
    7. Structural health monitoring of layered structure by strain measurements
      Shozo KAWAMURA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
      Sho MIYAGI (Toyohashi University of Technology(Murata Machinery, Ltd.))
      Tomohiko ISE (Kindai University(Japan Engineering College))
      Masami MATSUBARA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
    8. Speed governing behavior on parallel two-wheeled electric scooter by life-sized humanoid robot based on learning control with online tuning for PID gain during control
      Kohei KIMURA (The University of Tokyo)
      Hiroto MIZOHANA (The University of Tokyo(Canon Inc.))
      Shunichi NOZAWA (The University of Tokyo(Mujin Inc.))
      Kei OKADA (The University of Tokyo)
      Masayuki INABA (The University of Tokyo)
    9. A method for suppressing resonance response of a vibration system coupled by springs
      Masashi KOMADA (Gifu University(Toyota Motor Corporation))
      Yuichi MATSUMURA (Gifu University)
      Ichiro KIDO (Former Toyota Motor Corporation and Former Gifu University)
      Eiji NAKATSUGAWA (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    10. Resonance frequency control using the rank-one perturbation of the self-compliance matrix at interface degrees of freedom
      Yuichi MATSUMURA (Gifu University)
      Masashi KOMADA (Gifu University(Toyota Motor Corporation))
      Masami MATSUBARA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
      Ichiro KIDO (Former Toyota Motor Corporation and Former Gifu University)
    11. Thermal error and energy-saving performance evaluation of the energy-saving machine tool using new structural materials
      Makoto KATO (Keio University)
      Daisuke KONO (Kyoto University)
      Hayato YOSHIOKA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Naohiko SUGITA (The University of Tokyo)
      Akihide HAMAGUCHI (OKUMA Corporation)
      Kazumasa KONO (Makino Milling Machine Co.,Ltd.)
      Kazunori IIJIMA (FANUC Corporation)
      Yasuhiro KAKINUMA (Keio University)
    12. Proposal of a determination method of cutting sequence during a rough machining operation based on topology optimization of workpiece
      Hitoshi KUSHINO (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(AMADA CO.,LTD.)
      Maho KUMANOTANI (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
      Keiichi NAKAMOTO (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    13. Ultra-precision cutting of roll molds having two-directional wavy microstructures
      Toshitaka TERABAYASHI (Keio University)
      Jiwang YAN (Keio University)
    14. On-machine measurement of tool edge shape by using fluorescence of cutting fluid (Examination of applicability to water-soluble cutting fluid)
      Kohei MATSUMOTO (Osaka University(Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd.))
      Yasuhiro MIZUTANI (Osaka University)
      Yasuhiro TAKAYA (Osaka University)
    15. Topology optimization with geometrical feature constraints based on the partial differential equation system for geometrical features (Overhang constraints considering geometrical singularities in additive manufacturing)
      Takayuki YAMADA (Kyoto University(The University of TOKYO))
      Jun MASAMUNE (Hokkaido University)
      Hiroshi TERAMOTO (Hokkaido University)
      Takahiro HASEBE (Hokkaido University)
      Hirotoshi KURODA (Hokkaido University)
    16. Establishment of an in vitro vascular anastomosis model in a microfluidic device
      Masafumi WATANABE (Keio University(Currently, Ehime University))
      Ryo SUDO (Keio University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

    1. Low Viscosity Engine Oil Technology to Improve Thermal Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engine
      Yuta Uematsu (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Kazuo Yamamori (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Satoshi Hirano (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Toyoharu Kaneko (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Itsuki Miyata (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    2. Development of The New Spark Controlled Compression Ignition Gasoline Engine
      Tomonori Urusihihara (Mazda Motor Corporation)
      Kouji Endou (Mazda Motor Corporation)
      Keitaro Ezumi (Mazda Motor Corporation)
      Atsushi Inoue (Mazda Motor Corporation)
      Masanari Sueoka (Mazda Motor Corporation)
    3. Development of new generation split drive CVT
      SOICHIRO OKUDAIRA (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)
      KYOTA MATSUMOTO (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)
      YUKI YONEDA (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)
      DAISUKE KISHI (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)
      NAOKI OOJI (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)
    4. Commercialization of high-quality / high-durability small-diameter artificial muscles
      Suzumori Koichi (s-muscle Co., Ltd,/ Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Shuichi Wakimoto (s-muscle Co., Ltd,/ Okayama University)
      Shukushi Seita (s-muscle Co., Ltd.)
      Kazutoshi Kohno (s-muscle Co., Ltd.)
    5. Development and Mass Production of High-Beam ADB Using Scanning Method
      Naoki Takii (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
      Satoshi Yamamura (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
      Hidetada Tanaka (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
      Yasuyuki Kato (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
      Kazutoshi Sakurai (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
    6. Technology and Operation of Hayabusa2’s Underground Investigation for Unexplored Celestial Body
      Yuto Takei (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
      Takanao Saiki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
      Hirotaka Sawada (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
      Yuya Mimasu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
      Yuichi Tsuda (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    7. Remarkably High Load Followability Boiler with Low Mass Velocity Furnace
      Kazuhiro Domoto (Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.)
      Hiroyuki Nakaharai (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
      Kenjiro Yamamoto (Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.)
      Munehiro Kakimi (Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.)
      Yoshinori Yamasaki (Mitsubishi Power(Philippines)Inc.)
    8. Development of Powder DED Metal 3D Printing Machine
      Haruhiko Niitani (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)
      Koh Ishii (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)
      Hirohisa Kuramoto (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)
      Tomohiro Wakana (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)
      Hitoshi Yoshimura (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Machining process monitoring based on real-time cutting force simulation in end milling operation
    Kazuki Kaneko (Kobe University)
  2. Multiscale visco-elasto-plastic damage analysis of composite materials
    Keita Goto (Nagoya University)
  3. Atomistic study on strengthening mechanism and strength prediction of alloys
    Shuhei Shinzato (Osaka University)
  4. Study on microgravity combustion for reducing the fire risk in manned space missions
    Yoshinari Kobayashi (Gifu University)
  5. Study on optical technique using phase shift methods for heat and mass transfer measurement
    Eita Shoji (Tohoku Univ.)
  6. Study on boiling heat transfer mechanisms
    Tomohide Yabuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  7. Study on Analysis of Rotor-Bearing Dynamics by 1DCAE for Diagnosis
    Tatsuro Ishibashi (Meidensha Corporation)
  8. On-machine measuring device for measuring shape of object in general purpose machine tool
  9. Research on 3D object recognition using deep learning
    Asako Kanezaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  10. Characteristics and excitation mechanism of aeroelastic vibration generated on flexible mediums in air flow
    Keiichi Hiroaki (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  11. Effect of Carbon Diffusion on Friction and Wear Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon in Boundary Base Oil Lubrication
    Auxence Melardot ABOUA Kouami (JTEKT Corporation)
  12. Generalized kinematic model and novel mechanisms for wheeled locomotion devices
    Tatsuro Terakawa (Kyoto University)
  13. Tribological properties of carbonaceous coatings at high temperature
    Kouzui Yoneyama (Tokyo Electro Technology Solutions Limited)
  14. Development of a highly efficient pulmonary airflow simulation method
    Fei Jiang (Yamaguchi University)
  15. Research on computational biomechanics of digestive system based on electrophysiology
    Taimei Miyagawa (Hirosaki University)
  16. Spiral-shaped hydrogel for soft actuator and autonomous micro-robot
    Koki Yoshida (Keio University)
  17. Study on aeroacoustic analysis of fricative production
    Tsukasa Yoshinaga (Toyohashi University of Technology)
  18. Development of mechanistic numerical model for radiation heat transfer from combusting droplets
    Mitsuhiro Aoyagi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
  19. Development of Gasoline Engine Control Technology based on Physical Model
    Takafumi Arakawa (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  20. Development of co-firing technology of pulverized coal and ammonia for suppressing NOx generation in flue gas
    Hiroki Ishii (IHI Corporation)
  21. Development of the grasp plan algorithm of robotic de-palletizing and bin picking in a warehouse
    Haruna Eto (TOSHIBA Corporation)
  22. Development of Escape Guidance Lights for Road Tunnel
    Keiya Kaga (Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited)
  23. Development of Mechanical Switches of Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker for Multi-terminal HVDC Transmission Grids Connected to Offshore Windfarms
    Kazuhisa Kanaya (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
  24. Development of Centrifugal Clutch with New Mechanism to Engage at Low Speed Without Slipping
    Yoshihito SHIMANAKA (Tsubakimoto Chain Co.)
  25. Development of An Infrastructure-Less Automatic Docking System for Small Vessels Based on Nautical Chart Generation Technolog
    Yuichiro Dake (YANMAR HOLDINGS CO., LTD.)
  26. Development of Suppression Method for Unstable Flow Phenomena in Hydroelectric Turbine
    Takahiro Nakashima (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
  27. Development of Mass Production Technology for Fuel-efficient C-type Crankshaft Thrust Washers for Automobiles by Press Forming
    Takahiro Mizuno (Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
  28. Development of New Hybrid Transaxle for Mid-size SUV
  29. Development of a high-performance heat transfer tube and flow stability evaluation technique to improve boiler reliability
    Yuta Watanabe (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

JSME Education Award

  1. Translation of Probabilistic ROBOTICS and publication of Shokai Probabilistic Robotics with its open contents
    Ryuichi Ueda (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  2. Vibration and Control Engineering Education Starting from Large-Scale Experience-Based Class
    Susumu HARA (Nagoya University)
  3. Engineering education that achieved the best in Japan for 12 consecutive years in the Stirling cycle refrigerator competition by introducing knowledge management
    Shin-ichi MORITA (Kitami Institute of Technology)
  4. Book “Foundations of Robot Control ”
    Tsuneo Yoshikawa (Ritsumeikan University)
  5. Curriculum Design for Model-Based Development (MBD) and its Practice
    Shin Wakitani (Hiroshima University)
    Toru Yamamoto (Hiroshima University)
    Yasuhiro Harada (Mazda Mortor Co.)
    Tomohiko Adachi (Mazda Mortor Co.)
    Chitoshi Morishige (Hiroshima University and Mazda Mortor Co.)

JSME Excellent Product Award

  1. CRANE-X7
  2. Eddy Current Non-destructive Inspection device ECNI-II
  3. High speed type of Σi loader
    Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd.
  4. Turbo Chemical Baghouse
    Plantec Inc.

JSME Women of the Future Award

  1. Study of carbon fiber reinforced polymer with imparted self-healing functionality
    Yasuka Nassho (Toyama Prefectural University)