Automation Connector


Due to concern of working population decline and/or expectation to global manufactural operation, Robotics technology effort to equipment assembly automation is highly expected. As approach to such expectation from parts by used, “Automation Connector” were developed to be robotized operation friendly. And this is specifically the name of a product that has one or more of the following three types or functions:

– Floating Connector: Board to Board connector which can absorb misalignment by spring

– Auto I-Lock: FPC connector that enables connection and locking by one-action

– 2 points Contact: Connector contacts with foreign object removal function and redundant connection functions

Products with those features will bring Quality and Throughput up in automated productions.


  1. Details of each product

2-1. Floating Connector

Accuracy of parts allocation on the board or work handling by robot never be perfect, locational skew will be occurred between mating parts.  Those skews make equipment assembly troublesome and affect to soldering reliability since residual stress will be happened by skew.  Floating connector can be moved on the board by spring.  The feature release stress on the solder tails, makes assembly easier by combination with tapered guide on housing as shown on Fig1.

Fig.1 Floating Connector

2-2. Auto I-Lock

Typical legacy FPC connectors require troublesome dual hands operation to hold FPC.  Simple operation just insert FPC only will needed to hold FPC in Auto I-Lock.  Metal parts inside connector will grab the FPC automatically.  It makes automated assembly simple and avoid mating trouble by miss-placing of FPC on connector.

Fig.2 Auto I-Lock

2-3. 2points Contact

Automated production can be expected to stabilize quality regardless of location. On the other hand, it will be cost that keep same cleanness of factory if those are anywhere in the world.  2points contact will fit many environments of the factory since it has foreign material elimination function.  It has 2 contact laid same line. 1st contact will scrape off the foreign material if the mating part contaminated by it.  Then 2nd contact certainly be connected to. In addition to redundant connection, such foreign material eliminate function will help global manufactural operations.

Fig.3. 2points Contact

3Sales Record

Floating Connector: Approx. 4bilion pcs

Auto I-Lock: Approx. 300miion pcs

(Accumulation by Aug.2021)