JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

    1. Research and Instruction on cutting technology for Difficult-to-cut Materials
      Katsuyoshi Karino (Research Center for Cutting Difficult-to-cut Materials (Former Mitsubishi Materials Corp..))
    2. Research on Human Interaction Robot(Intelligent Tele-operation Robot and Robotic Room)
      Tomomasa Sato (Professor Emeritus The University of Tokyo)
    3. Academic understanding and social implementation of thermal spraying technology for fabricating thick coatings by particles deposition
      Masahiro Fukumoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)
    4. Research and Development on Human-Robot Collaboration System in Intelligent Space using Service Middleware based on Distributed Object Software Technology
      Makoto Mizukawa (Professor Emeritus, Shibaura Institute of Technology)
    5. Lubrication analysis of internal combustion engines for automobiles and development of low friction engine components
      Motoichi Murakami (Toyota Motor Corp.)

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

    1. Loss in discharging atoms through artificial hole for fabricating metallic micro/nanowire by electromigration
      Yasuhiro Kimur (Tohoku University (currently Nagoya University))
    2. Geometrical modeling and numerical analysis of screw dislocation
      Shunsuke Kobayashi (Osaka University)
      Ryuichi Tarumi (Osaka University)
    3. A new framework for design and validation of complex heat transfer surfaces based on adjoint optimization and rapid prototyping technologies
      Yukinori Kametani (The University of Tokyo((currently Meiji University))
      Yutaka Fukuda (AGC Inc.)
      Takayuki Osawa (The University of Tokyo)
      Yosuke Hasegawa (The University of Tokyo)
    4. Thermal efficiency improvement of super-lean burn spark ignition engine by stratified water insulation on piston top surface
      Tsuyoshi Nagasawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Yuichi Okura (Tokyo Institute of Technology (Current: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation))
      Ryota Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology (Current: TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION))
      Susumu Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Hidenori Kosaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Takeshi Yokomori (Keio University)
      Norimasa Iida (Keio University)
    5. Unsteady behavior and mechanism of a rotating stall in a centrifugal compressor with vaneless diffuser
      Nobumichi Fujisawa (Waseda Univ.)
      Hiroshi Miida (Waseda Univ.)
      Kenta Tajima (Waseda Univ.)
      Yutaka Ohta (Waseda Univ.)
    6. Risk map generation system for intelligent vehicles on community roads via data-driven approach
      Takuma Ito (The University of Tokyo)
      Masatsugu Soya (The University of Tokyo (current NS Solutions Corporation))
      Kyoichi Tohriyama (Toyota Motor Corporation (already retired))
      Minoru Kamata (The University of Tokyo (current Japan Automobile Research Institute))
    7. Theoretical analysis on imaging technique of local unevennesses occurred on specular surface objects
      Tomohiro Tomohiro (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
      Watanabe Keiichi (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
      Yasumoto Sato (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
      Tsunaji Kitayama (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
      Katsuhiro Suhara (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd)
      Yuto Chokushi (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd)
      Tetsuya Suzuki (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd)
      Takehiko Kato (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd)
    8. A swimming robot actuated by cultured skeletal muscle tissue
      Kazuma Kazuma (The University of Tokyo)
      Yuya Morimoto (The University of Tokyo)
      Shoji Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo)
    9. Study on the effect of vehicle transient posture on brake feeling
      Shirou Monzaki (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Tamio Kanou (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Tomoaki Morimoto (Toyota Motor Corporation)
      Daiji Watanabe (DENSO CORPORATION)
    10. Fundamental study on formation of internal space shapes by EDM
      Yuta Inaba (Okayama University)
      Shuoxun Li (Okayama University (currently Hino Motors, Ltd.))
      Atsushi Yamaguchi (Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology)
      Akira Okada (Okayama University)
    11. Intelligent process planning and control of DED (directed energy deposition) for rapid manufacturing
      Masahiro Ueda (Keio University(currently DMG MORI CO., LTD.))
      Carter David (University of California Davis (Precision Metal Tooling Inc))
      Yamazaki Kazuo (University of California Davis,University of California Berkeley)
      Yasuhiro Kakinuma (Keio University)
    12. The Clarification of Low Friction Mechanism in Base Oil Lubrication of ta-CNx coating
      by In-Situ Observation with Reflectance Spectroscopy

      Tatsuya Okamoto (Toyota motor corporation)
      Noritsugu Umehara (Nagoya University)
      Takayuki Tokoroyama (Nagoya University)
      Motoyuki Murashima (Nagoya University)
    13. Reduction of the influence on machining surface caused by tool non-repeatable run-out of rolling bearing spindle for machine tools(Improvement of machining surface quality with an excitation system)
      Yuta Showa (Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.)
      Hayato Yoshioka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    14. Optimizing simulation of deficient limb’s strokes in freestyle for swimmers with unilateral transradial deficiency
      Motomu Nakashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Ryosuke Takahashi (Olympus Corporation)
      Taichi Kishimoto (Tokyo Metropolitan School for Special Needs Education for the Intellectually Disabled, Adachi (Present) Japanese Para-Swimming Federation)
    15. Biomechanical analysis of the mechanical environment of the cell nucleus in serum starvation-induced vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation
      Kazuaki Nagayama (Ibaraki University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

    1. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solid Lubricant Synthesized via Intercalation Reaction
      Kenichiro Oshita (Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.)
      Shinobu Komiyama (Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.)
      Shinya Sasaki (Tokyo University of Science)
    2. The Second-Generation Toyota Fuel Cell System
      Masao Okumura (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Atsushi Ida (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Tsuyoshi Takahashi (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Kengo Nakamura (Toyota Motor Corp.)
      Akira Yamashita (Toyota Motor Corp.)
    3. Automatic Three-dimensional Winding Technology for Superconducting Magnets
      Tomofumi Orikasa (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)
      Ikuo Watanabe (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)
      Toshiro Fujii (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)
      Chiayu Lin (Toshiba Corp.)
      Shigeki Takayama (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.)
    4. Development of High-Precision Power Chuck that eliminates the need for Jaw Reforming
      Yuji Kitagawa (Kitagawa Corp.)
      Kazunori Kitagawa (Kitagawa Corp.)
      Tamio Nishimiya (Kitagawa Corp.)
    5. Development of a lifting motion assisting suit that utilizes fabric mechanisms through industry-academia collaboration
      Eiichiro Tanaka (Waseda University)
      Kenji Kodama (Asahicho Corp.)
      Yun-Ting Liao (Former Waseda University)
      Toshifumi Ishioka (Asahicho Corp.)
      Chiaki Kanda (Asahicho Corp.)
    6. Development of forming simulation technology for fiber reinforced plastic materials
      Masato Nishi (JSOL Corp.)
      Shinya Hayashi (JSOL Corp.)
    7. Development of large capacity rotary compressor with three cylinders
      Takuya Hirayama (Toshiba Carrier Corp.)
      Koji Hirano (Toshiba Carrier Corp.)
      Shogo Shida (Toshiba Carrier Corp.)
      Yoshihiro Taema (Toshiba Carrier Corp.)
      Tomohide Shishimoto (Toshiba Carrier Corp.)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Evaluation of wave propagation response and fracture at the interface of dissimilar materials including fluids
    Tomohisa Kojima (Chuo University)
  2. A Study on Accurate Prediction of Solidification Microstructure by Large-Scale Phase-Field Simulation
    Shinji Sakane (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
  3. Surface modification of metallic materials by induction heating and clarification of its mechanism
    Shogo Takesue (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
  4. Study on Low-Temperature Oxidation Using Wall-Stabilized Cool Flames
    Minhyeok Lee (The University of Tokyo)
  5. Interaction of moisture with organic drops and its influence on the evaporative behavior
    Yutaku Kita (Kyushu University)
  6. Direct observation of nanoscale dynamics of liquid-gas interface
    Yoko Tomo (Kyushu University)
  7. Research on generation of microcapsules containing temperature-sensitive magnetic particles and understanding of flow characteristics
    Keiko Ishii (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  8. Subcritical Turbulent Transition in an Annular Poiseuille Flow in a Concentric Double Cylinder
    Takahiro Ishida (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  9. Development and application of ultrasonic spinning rheometry for elucidating complex fluid rheology
    Taiki Yoshida (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  10. Research on Advanced Mechanisms such as Rotational 3-DoFs Active Ball Joint with based on Spherical Gears and Omni-directional Transporting Table
    Kazuki Abe (TOHOKU UNIV. TCPAI)
  11. Modeling of Human Standing-up Motion and Development of Rehabilitation and Diagnosis System
    Qi An (Kyushu University)
  12. Multifidelity Analysis and Experiment of Deployable Wing Aircraft
    Keisuke Keisuke (Tohoku University)
  13. Detection of contact-type failure based on nonlinear wave modulation
    Takashi Tanaka (University of Shiga Prefecture)
  14. Research of friction interface structures of ionic liquids and active control of their lubrication properties
    Shouhei Kawada (Kansai University)
  15. Improvement of surface flatness in polishing of substrates
    Urara Satake (OSAKA UNIV.)
  16. Active Chatter Suppression with Monitoring-Based Process Control for Self-Optimizing Machining Systems
    Shuntaro Yamato (Kyoto University)
  17. High-order compressible flow simulation with discrete conservation properties
    Yoshiaki Abe (Tohoku University)
  18. Mechanical stress-induced rupture of phospholipid bilayer at the molecular level
    Taiki Shigematsu (Osaka University)
  19. Study on microdevices made of photosensitive composites
    Tasuku Nakahara (Yamaguchi University)
  20. Multi-phase-field study on the accurate prediction of polycrystalline microstructure formations
    Eisuke Miyoshi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  21. Development of autopilot system with a driver model for the purpose of quantitative evaluation of vehicle kinetic performance
    Takahiro Inagaki (Toyota Technical Development Corp.)
  22. Development of Fluid-Magnetic-Mechanical Co-Simulation Technology for Solenoid Valves of Fuel Equipment
    U Oh (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  23. Development of the Corrosion Life Prediction Technology Considering Degradation of ED Coating
    Yuji Ono (Toyota Motor Corp.)
  24. Development of refrigeration selection and performance evaluation methods for industrial high-temperature heat pumps
    Takenobu Kaida (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  25. Development of Deterioration Diagnosis Technology for Power Plant Equipment via Multiphysics Simulation
    Shoichi Kashiwase (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions CO.)
  26. Development of thermal hydraulic simulation method for two-phase flow in steam generators
    Yoshiteru Komuro (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  27. Development of Mechanism Analysis and Control Technology Applicable to Picking Robot Systems
    Kazuma Komoda (TOSHIBA CORP.)
  28. Development of Prediction Formula for Ignition Delays of Spray Combustion in High Boost and EGR Conditions
    Yuhei Sakane (Honda R&D Co., Ltd.)
  29. Development of Seismic Performance Evaluation Method for Steel Frame Structure Considering Fracture of Structural Member
    Kensuke Shiomi (IHI Corp.)
  30. Development of Anti-Derailment Lateral Damper against Earthquake
    Makoto Takasugi (EAST JAPAN RAILWAY CO.)
  31. Development of Two-Phase Flow Measurement Techniques and Steam Turbine Blades Balancing High Reliability with High Performance.
    Ryo Takata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  32. Development of motion generation technology for dual-arm robots to operate in various work environments
    Satoshi Nakamura (Hitachi Ltd.)
  33. Development of a simplified evaluation method of steels for hydrogen infrastructure to hydrogen embrittlement using concurrent cathodic hydrogen charging
    Yoshihiro Nishihara (JFE Steel Corporation)
  34. Development of Liquid-film Thickness Measurement Technique for High Pressure, High Temperature and Steam-water Condition of Boiling Water Reactors
    Hajime Furuichi (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  35. Development and Systematization of End effectors for Expansion of Robot Applications
    Toshiyuki Homma (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  36. Development of Smart Monitoring Technology of Rotating Machining Tool with a Wireless Multifunctional Tool Holder System
  37. Development of a system to integrate CNC machine tools and CAM using a wireless holder system based on IoT
    Takamasa Yamamoto (Yamamoto Metal Technos Co.,Ltd.)
  38. Development of Pre-chamber Flame Jet Ignition System for Automotive Gasoline Engines
    Naoki Yoneya (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  39. Development of Nosie reduction and cooling performance improvement on totally enclosed fan-cooled type motor for railway
    Lei Wang (Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corp.)

JSME Education Award

  1. Serialization of “Easy Material Mechanics” and Publication of “JSME Easy Text Series: Basics for Material Mechanics”
    Masahiro Arai (Nagoya University)
    Keita Goto (Nagoya University)
  2. The “technical manufacturing” and “technical education” about Miike coal mine mechanical system for local citizen
    Akira Shinozaki (National Institute of Technology, Ariake College)
    Daisaku Ishibashi (National Institute of Technology, Ariake College)
    Takashi Yoshitomi (National Institute of Technology, Ariake College)
    Yoshimasa Mashima (National Institute of Technology, Ariake College)

JSME Excellent Product Award

  1. Automation Connector
  2. Hi-UVC
    Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd.

JSME Women of the Future Award

    1. Revealing the relation between the swimming efficiency and the sperm density through CFD
      Nanami TAKETOSHI (Tohoku University)
    2. Extraction of gait characteristics associated with pathological claudication and aging that lead to fall risk
      Yui Murakami (I-O DATA DEVICE, INC)
    3. Pain Facial Expression for Patient Robot based on Musculoskeletal Pain Inference
      Miran Lee (Daegu University (South Korea))