JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Kazushige Kimura (Japan Fine Ceramics Center)
    The development of life assessment technology for high temperature steam turbine components and it’s contribution to the maintenance of thermal power plants
  2. Toshiaki Konomi (Kyushu Universty)Contribution on measurement and analysis for an automotive engine
  3. Masahiro Seki (Japan Atomic Energy Reseach Institute)
    Development of Ultra-High Heat Flux Components for ITER
  4. Kyozaburo Furumura (NSK Ltd.)
    The Development of Technologies for Long Life Rolling Bearings

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. Smooth Muscle Cells Freshly Isolated from Rat Thoracic Aortas are Much Stiffer than Cultured Bovine Celles: Possible Effect of Phenotype
    Takeo Matsumoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Junpei Sato (Asahi Kasei Corporation), Mitsunobu Yamamoto (Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.), Masaki Sato (Tohoku University)
  2. The Effect of Creating a Moderate Stenosis on the Localization of Intimal Thickening in the Common Carotid Artery of the Rabbit Fed on a Cholesterol-Rich Diet
    Shigeo Wada (Tohoku University), Makoto Koujiya (Nikkiso Co. LTD), Takeshi Karino (Hokkaido Universty)
  3. Clarificaton of Damage Extention Mechanism on 2.25 Cr-1Mo Steel under Creep-Fatigue Loading Conditon
    Takashi Ogata (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  4. S-N Property and Fractography of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel over Ultra Wide Life Region under Rotating Bending
    Tatsuo Sasaki(Ritsumeikan University), Mitsuhiro Takeda (Toray Industries Inc.) Nobuyuki Tanaka (NSK Ltd.), Manabu Kanemitsu (Kanazawa Technical College), Noriyasu Oguma (Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.), Kazuaki Shiozawa (Toyama University)
  5. Prediction of Iguition Process in Diesel Sprays by Stochastic Model
    Makoto Ikegami (Fukui University of Technology), Koichiro Nakatani (Toyota Motor Corporation), Masahiro Shioji (Kyoto Universtity)
  6. CFD Simulation for stratified Combustion Process in a Direct Injection Gasoline Engine
    Hiroshi Miyazawa (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), Yoshihiro Nomura (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), Makoto Koike (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), Terutoshi Tomoda, Toyota Motor Co.
  7. Modiied Theroretical Models of Film Condensation in Harizontal Microfirm Tubes
    Huasheng Wang (University of London), Hiroshi Honda (Kyushu University), Shigeru Nozu (Okayama Prefectural University)
  8. Anomalous Flow Phenomena Due to Breakdown of Tip Leakage Vortex in an Axial Compressor Rotor at Ner-Stall Condition
    Masato Furukawa (Kyushu University), Kazuhisa Saiki (National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan), Kazuhiro Yamada (Iwate University), Masahiro Inoue, (Kyushu University)
  9. Development of Cavitation Erosion on a Contoured Plig in High Pressure Control Valves
    Satoshi Yuzawa (Waseda University), Ryoji Okutsu (Yamatake Corporation), Takumi Hashizume (Waseda University), Eisuke Outa (Waseda University)
  10. A Study on Thermo-Hydraulic Instability of Boiling Natural Circulation Loop with a Chimney (4th Report, An Analytical Consideration of the Stability and Thermo-Hydraulic Characeristics in the Chimney in High Pressure)
    Fumio Inada, (Central Reseach Institutese of Electric Power Industry), Masahiro Furuya (Central Reseach Institutese of Electric Power Industry), Akira Yasuo (Central Reseach Institutese of Electric Power Industry)
  11. A Numericial Simulation for Carrier Particle Behavior in Electrophotographic Magnetic Brush Development
    NaTsuki Kuribayashi (Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd.), Teruaki Mitsuya (Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd.), Nobuyuki Hoshi (Hitachi Koki, Co.,Ltd.)
  12. A Unified Approach to Multibody Dynamics Formulation (Variable-Gain Penalty Algorithm)
    Takashi Nagata (The Institute of PHsical and Chemical Reseach)
  13. Measuerement of Three Dimensional Ball Motion in Angular Contact Ball Bearing (Measurement with Hall Elements Arranged on Fixed Oblique Cordinates)
    Akira Nakajima (Saga University), Chenyang Zhang (Youth Engineering Co.,Ltd.) Toshifumi Mawatari (Saga University), Takafumi Yoshida (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Yasuyoshi Tozaki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Susumu Matsumoto (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  14. Theoretical Analysis of Stick Motion Generated at the QuadrantChanging Position in NC Machine Tools and Its Compensataion by an Input Adaptive System
    Kazuo Nagashima, Msahide Katsuki (Toshiba Machine Co.,Ltd.) Kuniharu Kawakami

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Katsuko Furukawa (University of Tokyo)
    Real-time Observation device of Platelet adhension to opaque material surface under shear flow condisions
  2. Yoshinobu Shimamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Development of Damage Growth Simulation Technique for Composite Laminates
  3. Kazuto Tanaka (Kyoto University)
    Effects of Enviroments on Impact and Fatigue Fracture Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Plastics
  4. Motoharu Fujigaki (Wakayama University)
    Improvement of Speed and Accuracy of Non-contacting Shape and Deformation Measurment by Optical Method
  5. Kisaragi Yashiro (Kobe University)
    Molecular Dynamics Study on Local Lattice Instability at a Dislocation Nucleation and Motion
  6. Hiroyuki Kumano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Study on Diet Contact Melting of Porous Material
  7. Takuya Shiraishi (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    A Study of Mixture Formation in a Direct Injection S.I. Engine
  8. Takeshi Seta (Toyama University)
    Stability Analysis of Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Models
  9. Yoshihiro Taguchi (Keio University)
    Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of High-Conductivity Thin Film by Means of Dynamic Grating Radiometry
  10. Keiko Anami (Kyoto University)
    A Study of Flow-Induced Coupled-Mode Self-Excited-Vibration of Full-Scale Tainter-gates
  11. Souichi Saeki (Yamaguchi University)
    Self-Induced Sloshing Excited by Horizontal Plane Jet
  12. Shinji Tsujimura (KOMATSU)
    A Study of the effects of mean shear and horizontal temperature grandient on rotating stratified turbulence
  13. Yosuke Matsukuma (Kyushu University)
    Numerical Simulation of Complex Flow through micro-channel by lattice gas automata method
  14. Toshiki Komatsuzaki (Kanazawa University)
    Study on Adaptive Active Noise Control using Neural Network
  15. Takumi Sasaki (The University of Kitakyushu)
    Vibration Analysis and Stability Analysis for Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
  16. Arata Masuda (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
    A Study on Mechanical and Structural Health Monitornin
  17. Katsutoshi Yoshida (Utsunomiya University)
    A Study on Chaotic Behavior in Nonlinear Vibration Systems with Stochastic Excitations
  18. Kenjiro Takemura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Reseach on Multi-DOF Ultrasonic Motor
  19. Yoshitaka Nakanishi (Oita University)
    Contorl of water Characteristic in Artificial Joint
  20. Keiichi Nakamoto (Osaka University)
    Development of Real-Time Tool Path Generation Method to Realize NC Programless Machining
  21. Kosuke Ashihara (Ebara Reseach Co., LTD.)
    Development of the Fluid Dynamical Design Optimization of Turbomachinaery 3-D blades
  22. Tsutom Ando (Tohoku University)
    Development of an Induction Type MHD Pump Generating Linear and Rotary Motions for High-temperature Molten Metals.
  23. Nobuhiro Isobe(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Development of Life Assessment Technologies Based on Micro-crack Growth Models for High Temperature Components
  24. Masayuki Kurita (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Flying-height Adjustment of a Magnetic Head Slider with a Piezoelectric Micro-Actuator
  25. Kazunori Shimizu (Sankyo Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.)
    End Milling of Extruded Alminium Alloys Using Articulated Robot
  26. Eiichirou Tanaka (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Development of the Numericial Analysis-Method to Predict Vibration and Noise from a Multi-Stage Gear-Drive System

JSME Medal for New Technology

  1. Development of the Stick Coil with an integrated Igniter – Cylindrical Ignition Coil installed into Engine Plug Hole –
  2. Development of lead-free plain bearing for heavy-duty engines
    Yoshio Kumada(TAIHO KOGYO CO.,LTD), Souji Kamiya(TAIHO KOGYO CO.,LTD), Katsuyuki Hashizume(TAIHO KOGYO CO.,LTD), Takashi Tomikawa(TAIHO KOGYO CO.,LTD), Hiroshi Kanayama(TAIHO KOGYO CO.,LTD)
  3. A newly developed of vertical-axis integrated washer-dryer with high detergency and a compact body
    Toshihumi Koike(Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd.),Yoshihiro Ohta(Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd.), Keizou Kawamura(Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd.), Hiroshi Oosugi(Hitachi Home & Life Solution Ltd.), Toshiyasu Kamano(Hitachi Home & Life Solution Ltd.)
  4. Development of high performance screw compressor driven by direct couple high-speed motor
    Shigeto Kotani(Kobe Steel, Ltd.), Shuzo Mohri(Kobe Steel, Ltd.), Masaki Matsukuma(Kobe Steel, Ltd.), Hajime Nakamura(Kobe Steel, Ltd.), Kai Nakanishi(Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
  5. Development and Practical Application of Contactless Smart Card Ticketing System
    K. Suzuki(JR East Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.), A. Shiibashi(East Japan Railway Company), S. Katagata(East Japan Railway Company), H. Nagase(JR East Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.), K. Hasegawa(JR East Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.)
  6. Accurate compensation system for thermal deformation of machine tools
    Harumitsu Senda(OKUMA Corporation) , Reiji Satou(OKUMA Corporation)
  7. Development of High-Strength Plastic used in Functional Integration Modules
    Takahiro Tochioka(Mazda Motor Corp.), Chikashi Kawamoto(Mazda Motor Corp.), (Mazda Motor Corp.), Masanori Ogawa(Mazda Motor Corp.), Kenichiro Sugimoto(Mazda Motor Corp.)
  8. High temperature gasifying and direct melting technology of solid waste
    T.Matsudaira(JFE Engineering Corporation), S. Nakamura(JFE Engineering Corporation) Y. Suzuki(JFE Engineering Corporation)

JSME Education Award (since2001)