JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Fumio INADA
    (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Technology Development and Research Information Exchange to Enhance Pipe-wall-thinning Management
  2. Tsuyoshi YASUKI(Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Passive Safety Research in Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. A 3-Dimentional Accurate Simulation Method of Mass Evacuation Using Precise Human Joint Model ( Application to a Mass Evacuation Drill by High-School Students)
    Jiro URII(CAS Research),
    Takao KAKIZAKI(Nihon University),
    Shusaku INOUE(Takenaka Corporation),
    Tatsuo OHMACHI(Japan Dam Engineering Center)
  2. Pressure Distribution Measurement on a Rotating Disk Surface by Pressure-Sensitive PaintTomohiro KAMEYA(Nagoya University),
    Yu MATSUDA(Nagoya University),
    Hiroki YAMAGUCHI(Nagoya University),
    Yasuhiro EGAMI(Aichi Institute of Technology),
    Tomohide NIIMI(Nagoya University)
  3. Instability Mode Analysis of Dislocation Nucleation from Notch Based on Atomistic Model ( Instability Activation Mechanism under Finite Temperature )
    Yoshitaka UMENO(The University of Tokyo),
    Takahiro SHIMADA(Kyoto University),
    Takayuki KITAMURA(Kyoto University)
  4. Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation Using S-Version FEM( 3rd Report , Fatigue of 3D.Sureface Crack )
    Masanori KIKUCHI(Tokyo University of Science),
    Yoshitaka WADA(Kinki University)
    Atsushi UTSUNOMIYA(Topcon Corporation)
    Hitomi SUYAMA(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd)
  5. Development of in-situ TEM Observation Method on Plasticity in Nanoscale Component
    Takashi SUMIAGAWA(Kyoto University),
    Yujiro KITAGAWA(Kyoto University),
    Takayuki KITAMURA(Kyoto University)
  6. Lifetime Based Temperature and Velocity Measurement Using High-Speed Camera and Temperature Sensitive Particles
    Satoshi SOMEYA(The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology),
    Mitsunori UCHIDA(Bridgestone Corporation),
    Keiko ISHII(Tokyo University of Science),
    Kaoru TOMINAGA(JFE Steel Co.),
    Li Yanrong(The University of Tokyo),
    Koji OKAMOTO(The University of Tokyo)
  7. Experimental Study on Interfacial Thermal Resistance between Carbon Nanotube and Solid Material
    Jun HIROTANI(Kyushu University),
    Satoshi KAI(Japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Ltd.),
    Tatsuya IKUTA(Kyushu University),
    Koji TAKAHASHI(Kyushu University)
  8. A New Spectrophotometer System for Measuring Thermal Radiation Characteristics of Real Surfaces of Thermal Engineering Entirely
    Toshiro MAKINO(Kyoto University),
    Hidenobu WAKABAYASHI(Kyoto University)
  9. Unified Theory Based on Parameter Scaling for Derivation of Nonlinear Wave Equations in Bubbly Liquids
    Tetsuya KANAGAWA(The University of Tokyo),
    Takeru YANO(Osaka University),
    Masao WATANABE(Hokkaido University),
    Shigeo FUJIKAWA(Hokkaido University)
  10. Fluid-Acoustic Interactions in Acoustic Radiation in Turbulent Cavity Flows : Fluid-Dynamic Oscillations
    Hiroshi YOKOYAMA(Toyohashi University of Technology)
    Chisachi KATO(The University of Tokyo)
  11. Antisway Control Considering Phase of Vibration of Suspended Load of A Crane
    Masahiro KURIMOTO(Okumura Corporation)
    Hiroshi YABINO(Keio University)
  12. Analytical Study on the Safety of High Speed Railway Vehicle on Excited Tracks
    Kazuhiko NISHIMURA(Central Japan Railway Company)
    Yoshiaki TERUMICHI(Sophia University),
    Tsutomu MORIMURA(Central Japan Railway Company),
    Kiyoshi SOGABE(Sophia University)
  13. Generalization of Component Mode Synthesis Using Modal Differential Sub-Structure Method and Guyan Reduction
    Takafumi MOCHIZUKI(ESTECH Corp.),
    Ichiro HAGIWARA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  14. A Path Following Feedback Control Method with a Variable Velocity for a Cooperative Transportation System with Two Car-Like Mobile Robots and Its Experimental Verification
    Hiroaki YAMAGUCHI(Aoyama Gakuin University)
    Tomoya HIRAMOTO(JMA Systems Corporation)
    Atsushi KAWAKAMI(Aoyama Gakuin University)
  15. Development of CAM System for 5-Axis NURBS Interpolated Machining ( NC Data Generation by Generalized Post-Processor )
    Yasufumi UEDA(Canon Inc.)
    Tohru ISHIDA(The university of Tokushima)
    Yoshimi TAKEUCHI(Chubu University)
  16. Development of Epoxy Resin Polishing Pads for Glass Polishing
    Junji MURATA(Ritsumeikan University)
    Yasuhiro TANI(Ritsumeikan University)
    Ryoichi HIROKAWA(Kokonoe Electric Co.,Ltd.)
    Nobuyuki NOMURA(Kokonoe Electric Co.,Ltd.)
    Zhang Yu(Ritsumeikan University)
    Junki UNO(Ritsumeikan University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

  1. Development of Prosthetic Knee Joint with Combination of Stance Control by Hydraulic Damper and Swing Control by Microcomputer Control of Pneumatic Pressure
    Masahiko OKUDA(Nabtesco Corporation)
    Toyohiko IMAKITA(Nabtesco Corporation)
    Aritomo FUKUI(Nabtesco Corporation)
    Yoshiaki NAKAYA(NABTEC Co., Ltd)
  2. Development of high-performance take-out robots for injection molding machines using a structural optimization method
    Takayo KOTANI (Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.)
    Hiroyuki ARAI (Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.)
  3. Development of Device to Prevent Deviation of the Tokaido Shinkansen during an EarthquakeKei SAKANOUE (Central Japan Railway Company)
    Masahito ADACHI (Central Japan Railway Company)
    Yoshinori MINAMI (Central Japan Railway Company)
    Hironobu SUNAMI (Central Japan Railway Company)
    Nobuhisa TAKADA (Nippon Sharyo, LTD.)
  4. Large Scale Centrifugal Compressor realizing Low Carbon Society
    Hideto NOGIWA (Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.),
    Yoshihisa MAEDA (Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.),
    Takanori SHIBATA (Hitachi, Ltd.),
    Takeshi TUKAMOTO (Hitachi, Ltd.),
    Yohei MAGARA (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  5. Development of a New Parallel Hybrid System
    Tatsuya Osone (JATCO Ltd)
  6. Development of an ultra-high-compression-ratio gasoline engine (1.3L) Realization of 30km/L over the Japanese 10-15 mode
    Mitsuo HITOMI (Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Takashi YOUSO (Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Kiyotaka SATO (Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Kunitomo MINAMITANI (Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Yasushi NAKAHARA (Mazda Motor Corporation)
  7. Low-Power 80W Energy-Saving Robot which can collaborate with human safety and comfortably
    Kousyun FUJIWARA (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Hideyuki MURAYAMA (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Naoyuki TAKESUE (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
    Haruo NAKANO (Ochiai Nexus)
    Kenji ISHII (Ochiai Nexus)
  8. Development and Market Introduction of New-Generation Electric Vehicle with High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Hiroaki YOSHIDA (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
    Kenichiro WADA (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
    Yuji TOZUKA (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
    Makoto KISHI (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Subliminal Calibration for Machine Operation
    Hiroshi IGARASHI(Tokyo Denki University)
  2. Functionality Evaluation of Smart Material for Medial and Welfare DeviceTakeshi Okuyama(Tohoku University)
  3. Study on Biped Walking Vehicle
    Yusuke SUGAHARA(Kokushikan University)
  4. Deformation Characteristics of Apatite Crystals and Three-dimensional Microstructure of Mineralized Tissue
    Kazuhiro FUJISAKI(Hokkaido University)
  5. Evaluation of Time and Temperature-dependent Strengths and Failure Simulation of Fiber/Matrix Interface for Polymeric Composites
    Jun KOYANAGI(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  6. Hierarchical Model Based on Atomistic Simulation and Dislocation Mechanics for Elementary Process of Lattice Defects
    Tomohito TSURU(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
  7. A Study on Evaluation of Deformation Behavior in Amorphous Metals by Local Lattice Instability Analysis
    Masaomi NISHIMURA(Shinshu University)
  8. Diagnostic Analysis of the Fuel Cell by Eletrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
    Hironori NAKAJIMA(Kyushu University)
  9. A Study on Unsteady Combustion Mechanism for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixtures
    Shinji NAKAYA(The University of Tokyo)
  10. Study on Detailed Devolatilization Model for Numerical Simulation of Pulverized Coal Combustion
    Nozomi HASHIMOTO(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  11. Study on Mechanism of Mass Transfer across Air-Water Interface due to Drop Impingement
    Naohisa TAKAGAKI(Kyoto University)
  12. The Study of 3D Visualization of Microparticle Concentration in Micro channel by Micro Process Tomography Method
    Choi Je-Eun(Chiba University)
  13. Study on Instability and Transition of Plane Couette Flow Subjected to System Rotation
    Takahiro TSUKAHARA(Tokyo University of Science)
  14. A Study of a Car Transportation System Using Multiple Mobile robots
    Mitsuru ENDO(Nihon University)
  15. Research on Development of Reusable Robotic Task Skills
    Masayuki SHIMIZU(Shizuoka University)
  16. Micro Displacement Visualization Mechanism Using Moiré Fringes and its Measurement System Based on an Image processing
    Takeshi TAKAKI(Hiroshima University)
  17. Multi Time Scale Behavior Control Method for Autonomous Omni-Directional Mobile Robots
    Masaki TAKAHASHI(Keio University)
  18. Application to Bio-technology and Green-technology Utilizing Micro Digital FabricationShinjiro UMEZU(Tokai University)
  19. Investigation of Electric Rust Preventive Machining Method Friendly to Human and Environment with Ultra-Low Environmental Load and Resource Saving using Water as Machining Fluid
    Naohiro NISHIKAWA(Iwate University)
  20. Development and Application of Walking Mode Maps
    Based on Tribology and Biomechanics
    Takeshi YAMAGUCHI(Tohoku University)
  21. Development of a Visualization Method Based on Simplified Background Oriented Schlieren TechniqueJunichi AKATSUKA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  22. Development of Evacuation Techniques of Crack Initiation and Early Stage Propagation Based on Microscopic Measurement in Structural Material for Power Plants
    Yun Wang (Hitachi,Ltd.)
  23. Development of Model Based Design Method of High Precision Control System for Mechanical Characteristic Variation
    Hironori OGAWA(Hitachi,Ltd.)
  24. Development of Human-Robot Collaborative System Using Hand Guiding
    Yu OGURA(IHI Corporation)
  25. Electromagnetic Noise Analysis and Noise Reduction Method of Machinery with a Motor
    Ryo KAWASAKI(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
  26. Development of Exhaust Gas Clarification Equipment Using Activated Carbon
    Yosuke KIMURA(JFE Engineering Corporation)
  27. Development of Batch SiC Epitaxial Growth System
    Takafumi SASAKI(Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.)
  28. Development of the Estimation Technology for Axial Force Behavior of the Gasketed Joint at Elevated Temperature
    Koji SATO(Nippon Valqua Industries, Ltd.)
  29. Development of Cooling Structures of Compact Lens Actuators for Optical Pickups Enabling High-speed Recording
    Wataru SATO(Hitachi,Ltd.)
  30. Development of High Efficiency Brower for Steam Boiler
    Makoto SHIBA(MIURA Co.,Ltd.)
  31. Development of Multi-resolution Technique and Pressure Smoothing Method in a Particle Method
    Masayuki TANAKA(Toshiba Co.,Ltd.)
  32. Development of Large X-Ray Inspection Systems with Highly Precise Resolution
    Hiroyuki NAKATA(IHI Inspection & Instrumentation Co.,Ltd.)
  33. Development of Multiaxial Fatigue Life Assessment Method Considering Non-proportional Loading
    Hiroshi NAKAMURA(IHI Corporation)
  34. Development of NPPV Nasal Masks Custom-made for FE Personal Model
    Keiichi NINOMIYA(Niigata Polytechnic College)
  35. Development of Sound Field Control Technology to Produce Listening Area and Sound Reduction Area by the Modification of Sound Attenuation
    Takahiro HIRUMA(Toshiba Corporation)
  36. Vibration Control of Railway Vehicle with Parallel Cardan Drives by Traction Motor Torques
  37. Development of the High Accuracy Evaluation Technique for Mechanical Properties under Impact Loading Using the Split-Hopkinson Bar Method
    Tomokazu MASUDA(Kobe Steel , Ltd.)
  38. Optical Fiber Probe for Tiny-droplets and Bubbles Measurement
    Keisuke MATSUDA(Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.)
  39. Development of Quick Response Fuel Injector Technology
    for Direct-Injection Gasoline Engine
    Yoshihito YASUKAWA(Hitachi,Ltd.)
  40. Development of Rigidity Measurement Method for High-speed and High-rigidity Spindle
    Taku YAMAZAKI(Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)

JSME Education Award (since2001)

  1. LOHAS Engineering and House of LOHAS
    Koji KATO (Nihon University)
    Atsushi HASHIMOTO (Nihon University)
    Kosuke ITO (Nihon University)
    Takayuki TAKEHI (Nihon University)
    Tomoyoshi Urabe (Nihon University)
  2. Continuous Implementation of Experiential Learning of Manufacturing for Local Elementary, Middle and High School StudentsAtsuhide KITAGAWA (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
    Masashi YAMAKAWA (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
    Hiroyuki ONO (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
    Minoru OTA (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
  3. Regional Collaborating Education Program for Advanced Manufacturing at Graduate School of Science and Engineering in Saitama University
    Global Nano Fabrication Course Management Board
    (Saitama University)
  4. Educational practice aiming to connect basic subjects each other in mechanical engineering curriculum as well as lecture series of related mathematics
    Akihiko SHIMIZU (Kyushu University)

JSME Excellent Product Award