JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Toshio SAKON (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
    Research and Development on the Mechanical Design Procedures and Life Prediction
  2. Shigeo HIROSE (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Multiple Design and Application of Creative Robots and Contribution to
    Development of Diesel Common Rail System and Contribution to Clean Diesel Vehicle Popularization

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. Biomechanical Contribution of Cytoskeletal Structures to Traction Forces in Cultured Smooth Muscle Cells
    OHASHI Toshiro(Tohoku University)
    KAMEDA Norifumi(Tohoku University)
    NAKAMURA Shouji(Tohoku University)
    SATO Masaaki(Tohoku University)
  2. Development of Master-Slave Surgical Robot System with Heartbeat Synchronization Mechanism (Evaluation of Position Synchronization Performance and Synchronization Suture Operability)
    TOYODA Kazutaka(Waseda University)
    OKAMOTO Jun(Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
    KAWAMURA Kazuya(Waseda University)
    KOBAYASHI Yo(Waseda University)
    TAKEMURA Hirofumi(Gifu University)
    FUJIE Masakatsu(Waseda University)
  3. Development of the Residual Stress Improvement Method for Small-Diameter Butt-Welding Pipe (Improvement of Residual Stress through Application of Delta-T Process)
    AOIKE Satoru(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    TSURUKI Masaki(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    FUKUDA Yuka(Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.)
    ORITANI Naohiko(Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.)
  4. Microscopic Observation of the Mechanism for Brittle Striation Formation in Low Carbon Steel Fatigued in Hydrogen Gas : TEM and EBSD Observations Corresponding to Fractography
    NISHIKAWA Hide-aki (Hitachi, Ltd.)
    ODA Yasuji (Kyushu University)
    TAKAHASHI Yoshimasa (Kansai University)
    NOGUCHI Hiroshi(Kyushu University)
  5. Development of High-Temperature Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System
    FURUYA Yoshiyuki (National Institute for Materials Science)
    KOBAYASHI Kazuo(National Institute for Materials Science)
    HAYAKAWA Masao(National Institute for Materials Science)
    SAKAMOTO Masao(National Institute for Materials Science)
    KOIZUMI Yutaka(National Institute for Materials Science)
    HARADA Hiroshi(National Institute for Materials Science)
  6. Simultaneous Measurement of Oxygen Diffusivity and Visualization of Moisture Distribution in Gas Diffusion Layer with Wettability Distribution for Improvement of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Performance
    Ryo KORESAWA(Yokohama National University)
    Tadafumi DAITOKU (Akita Prefectural University)
    Yoshio UTAKA(Yokohama National University)
    Kentaro UESUGI(Japan Sychrotoron Radiation Research Institute)
  7. Measurement of Droplet Size, Velocity and Spatial Distribution of Mass Flux in Spray by Combining Focus and Defocus Imaging Technique
    Yuki SHIGETA(Keio University)
    Kentaro HAYASHI(Keio University)
    Mitsuhisa ICHIYANAGI(Sophia University)
    Koichi HISHIDA (Keio University)
  8. Numerical Analysis of Free-Surface Flows under Various Conditions in Acceleration (Improvement of CIP-LSM : CIP-Based Level Set & MARS)
    HIMENO Takehiro(The University of Tokyo)
    NEGISHI Hideyo(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    NONAKA Satoshi(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    INOUE Chihiro(The University of Tokyo)
    WATANABE Toshinori(The University of Tokyo)
    UZAWA Seiji(The University of Tokyo)
  9. Evaluation of Turbulence Kinetic Energy Budget in Turbulent Flows by Using a Photobleaching Molecular Tagging Velocimetry
    Hiroki MIZUMOTO(Kobe University)
    Shigeo HOSOKAWA (Kobe University)
    Akio TOMIYAMA(Kobe University)
  10. Three Dimensional Shape Measurement Using a Multi-Sided Mirror(Mechanical Systems)
    ISHII Idaku(Hiroshima University)
    FUJII Hiroaki(DENSO Corporation)
    YAMAMOTO Kenkichi(Canon Inc.)
    TAKAKI Takeshi(Hiroshima University)
  11. A Dual-Axis Liquid Micro Rate Gyroscope Using an Electro-Conjugate Fluid
    Yoshitsugu OGAWA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Shinichi YOKOTA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Kazuya EDAMURA (New Technology Management Co.,Ltd.)
    Kenjiro TAKEMURA(Keio University)
  12. Scanning Probe for Coordinate Measurement Using a Translational Parallel Mechanism (Prototyping of the Isotropic Mechanism and Calibration of the Mechanical Parameters)
    HARADA Takashi(Kinki University)
    Ke Dong(Kinki University)
    Kenta KANAMORI(Kinki University)
  13. Multiple Magnetic Suspension Systems : 1st Report, Basic Concepts and Theorems(Mechanical Systems)
    MIZUNO Takeshi(Saitama University)
    TAKASAKI Masaya(Saitama University)
    ISHINO Yuji(Saitama University)
  14. Multi-Speed Ratio Variable System to Transmit Power and Motion Continuously
    Jungchul KANG(Kyoto University)
    Masaharu KOMORI(Kyoto University)
    Fumi TAKEOKA(Kyoto University)
    Yuji ONODERA(Kyoto University)
  15. Prediction of Chatter Stability of Machine Tool with Consideration of Friction Damping in Guide (Development of Basic Model and Investigation on Effects of Friction and Stiffness)
    SHINAGAWA Miki(IHI Corporation)
    Eiji SHAMOTO(NAGOYA University)
  16. Electric Contact Characteristics at the Nanoscale Probe Tip
    Yasuhisa ANDO(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Hiroyuki FUJITA(The University of Tokyo)

JSME Medal for New Technology

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Study on Mobile Audition for Map-Generation and Identification of Multiple Sound Sources From Robot in Motion
    Yoko SASAKI(The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  2. Hemodynamic Index for the Initiation of Cerebral Aneurysms: A New Proposal with Evaluation Based on Computational Fluid DynamicsYuji SHIMOGONYA(University of HYOGO)
  3. Development of multi-scale measurement methods from blood vessels to organelle levels and its applications
    Shukei SUGITA(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  4. Intention Estimation from Human Behavior and Development of Human Support System
    Yusuke TAMURA(Chuo University)
  5. Spatial Memory as Human Interface for Intelligent Space
    Mihoko NIITUMA(Chuo University)
  6. Study of fatigue damage evaluation using Synchrotron radiation mCT imaging
    Daiki SHIOZAWA(Kobe University)
  7. Study on Multi-physics Properties of Nano-structured Ferroelectrics from Atomic and Electronic Simulations
    Takahiro SHIMADA(Kyoto University)
  8. Study on Automatic Computation of Consistent Tangent Moduli Using Complex-step Derivative and Its Application to Finite Deformation Problems
  9. Study on Mesoscopical Inhomogeneous Material Modeling for Free Surface Roughening Behavior of Polycrystalline Metal Sheets
    Tsuyoshi FURUSHIMA(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  10. Study on Critical Heat Flux Mechanism in Pool Boiling
    Ayako ONO(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
  11. A Study of Ignition and Combustion of Lean and Diluted Mixture in a Highly Efficient Internal Combustion Engine
    Tatsuya KUBOYAMA(Chiba University)
  12. Study on a High-efficiency Thermoacoustic Engine without Moving Parts, which Enables Low-temperature Differential and Waste-heat Recovery
    Shinya HASEGAWA(Tokai University)
  13. A Study of Soot Formation Process in Multi-Phase Combustion
    Jun HAYASHI(Osaka University)
  14. Experimental study on the turbulent flow phenomena with a new technique for the simultaneous measurement of velocity and pressure
    Osamu TERASHIMA(Nagoya University)
  15. Theoretical and experimental study on the micro-pressure wave
    Tokuzo MIYACHI(Railway Technical Research Institute)
  16. Research on Motion and Vibration Control for Landing and Moving of Spacecraft in Lunar and Planetary Exploration
    Masatsugu OTSUKI(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  17. GNSS-based Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots
    Taro SUZUKI(Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
  18. Development of a Translational Parallel Manipulator with Large Workspace and High Precision of Platform Orientation
    Masataka TANABE(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  19. High Speed High Sensitivity Slip Sensor and Its Application
    Seiichi TESHIGAWARA(NSK Ltd.)
  20. Study on Cutting Characteristics of Indexable Insert Drill with Non-axisymmetric Geometry and Its Applicability to Difficult-to-cut Materials
    Masato OKADA(Kanazawa University)
  21. Experimental Evaluation of Pressure Leadings of Detonation Waves in High Pressure Mixture
    Masahiro UCHIDA (IHI Corporation)
  22. Improvement of Damping Material for Carriage Arm in Hard Disk Drive
    Hajime EGUCHI(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  23. Development of Visualization Techniques of Vaneless Rotating Stall in Centrifugal Compressors Using PIVSatoshi OHUCHIDA(IHI Corporation)
  24. Internal Stress Evaluation of Ceramic Element under The Absorbed High Energy
  25. Development of Crack Growth Analysis and Fracture Assessment Techniques for Structural Materials and Structures of Light Water Reactors
  26. Development of the Compact High Performance Blower for Automobile HVAC
    Masatoshi KAWASAKI(SANDEN Corporation.)
  27. Development of Evaluation Technology for Crashworthy Structure of Railway’s Rolling Stock
    Sota KIMURA(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  28. Development of Method for Fault Detection of Railway Vehicle Vertical Dampers by Using Phase Difference between Translational and Rotational Motion
    Takashi KOJIMA(Railway Technical Research Institute)
  29. Development of Prefabrication Method Using Scaffolding for Mechanical Installation Work Shortenings in Big Plant Construction
    Koji SATO(Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.)
  30. Development and Evaluation of Storage Battery Hybrid Train System
    Kenichi SHIBANUMA(East Japan Railway Company)
  31. Development of Flow-Thermal Analyses Technique for Heavy Electrical Appliance Design Based on Turbulence Induced Multi-Physics Phenomena
  32. Development of Meso-scale Molecular Fluid Simulation Technique for Design of Micro/nano Devices
    Taisuke SUGI(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  33. Development of Diesel Hybrid Vehicle Braking Systems
  34. Development of Deformable Mirror Actuator for Spherical Aberration Compensation
    Jiro HASHIZUME(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  35. Development of Centrifugal Blower Stage with Higher Efficiency and Wider Operating Range
    Kiyotaka HIRADATE (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  36. Development of Integrated System of Biomass Gasification and Liquid Fuel Synthesis
    Keigo MATSUMOTO (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  37. Development of Technique for Manufacturing Glassless 3D-LCDs
  38. Development of Preview Control for Electric Active Suspension
    Kenshiro YOSHIOKA(Toyota Technical Development Corp.)
  39. Development of Creep Damage Evaluation Method under Multi-Axial Stress Conditions
    Kimiaki YOSHIDA(IHI Corporation)
  40. Replication of Three-dimensional Microstructures by Using Microstereolithorography and Soft-molding Process

JSME Education Award (since2001)

  1. Engineering Design Educational in Future Dream! Robotics Mechatronics Design Competition
    Executive Committee of Future Dream! Robotics Mechatronics Design Competition
  2. Foundation and Promotion of Science and Engineering Educational Program Based on Execution of Project about Space EngineeringHitoshi Doki, Hiroaki AKIYAMA, Yutaka WADA
  3. Cooperative Education for Applied Design and Manufacturing for Undergraduate Students through “Kawakudari(down-the-river) Intership” Program
    Teachers in charge of Cooperative Practicum for Applied Design and Manufacturing at Kyoto Institute of Technology
  4. Distinguished Text Book of “Robotics” and Improvement of Educational Methods
    Publication Committee of Text Book “Robotics”

JSME Excellent Product Award