JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Kyosuke Ono(Formerly, Tokyo Institute of Technology )
    Contribution to advance of mechanical technology and science in information equipment
  2.  KATO Yoshiaki(JATCO Ltd.)
    Commercialized improvement technology of transmission performance of steel belt CVT for automobiles with cooperation between industry and university
  3. SUMITANI Keiji (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Technological development of vehicle aerodynamics and cross-wind stability
  4. Tsutomu Hasegawa(Kumamoto National College of Technology)
    Model-based robotic intelligence and its application to robotic support of daily human life

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. Development of Microporous Covered Stent for Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment (Hydrodynamical Evaluation of Stent Embolization and Optimization of Pore Design of Microporous Film)
    TAJIKAWA Tsutomu (Kansai University)
    NAKAGAWA Yuta(Formerly, Kansai University)
    KUREBAYASHI Yoshio(Formerly, Kansai University)
    NISHI Shogo(Sapporp Higashi Tokushukai Hospital)
    NAKAYAMA Yasuhide(National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center)
  2. Manipulation of a Pneumatic Hyper-Redundant Actuator
    DATE Hisashi(National Defense Academy)
    TAKITA Yoshihiro(National Defense Academy)
  3. Numerical Study on the Morphology and Mechanical Role of Healthy and Osteoporotic Vertebral Trabecular Bone
    YOSHIWARA Yuto(Keio University)
    Miguel CLANCHE(Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France)
    Khairul Salleh BASARUDDIN(Keio University)
    TAKANO Naoki(Keio University)
    NAKANO Takayoshi(Osaka University)
  4. Failure Mechanism of Combustion Chamber of Liquid Rocket Engine under Severe Multi-Physics Conditions (Residual Deformation of Chamber Throat)
    NISHIMOTO Miki(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    YAMANISHI Nobuhiro(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
    YOSHIMURA Shinobu(The University of Tokyo)
    KASAHARA Naoto(The University of Tokyo)
    AKIBA Hiroshi(Allied Engineering Corporation)
  5. Atomic-level Modelling for Predicting Interface Strength in Resin Molded Structure
    YAMAZAKI Miki(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    IWASAKI Tomio(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    IZUMI Satoshi(The University of Tokyo)
    SAKAI Shinsuke(The University of Tokyo)
  6. Re-examination of the emissivity of diesel flames
    KAMIMOTO Takeyuki(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    MURAYAMA Yoshiyasu(Nigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.)
  7. Simulation for Thermal Radiation Emitted from Functional Surface
    HIRASHIMA Daisuke(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    HANAMURA Katsunori(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  8. Heat and Fluid Flow in Accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2(Accident Scenario based on Thermodynamic Model)
    MARUYAMA Shigenao(Tohoku University)
  9. Yield Prediction Method of a Reaction in a Micro-Fluid Device and Experimental Proof of Increased Production Using Parallel-Connected Devices
    TOGASHI Shigenori(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    ASANO Yukako(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    ENDO Yoshishige(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  10. High-Speed Target Tracking Using Vibration-Based Image Features
    OHARA Ikuya(KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.)
    TAKAKI Takeshi(Hiroshima University)
    ISHII Idaku(Hiroshima University)
  11. A Path Following Control of Outdoor Blimp Robots for Disaster Surveillance
    SAIKI Hitomu(National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster)
    FUKAO Takanori(Kobe University)
    URAKUBO Takateru(Kobe University)
    KOHNO Takashi(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  12. A Real-Time Hybrid Experimental Technique for Air Fluid Oscillation Phenomenon and Its Application
    NISHI Masayuki(NASU DENKI-TEKKO Co., Ltd.)
    KANDA Makoto(Nihon University)
    WATANABE Toru(Nihon University)
    WATANABE Masahiro(Aoyama Gakuin University)
    TANAKA Hidekazu(Formerly, Nihon University)
  13. Development of a Passive Type MR Damper with Variable Damping Characteristics Dependent on the Displacement and Velocity
    MURAKAMI Takahiro(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    SAKAI Michiya(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    NAKANO Masami(Tohoku University)
  14. Accuracy Improvement of Tool Path of Five-Axis Machining Centers Based on Measurement and Compensation of Geometric Deviations
    TONE Shintaro(Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Co.)
    KATO Noriyuki(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    TSUTSUMI Masaomi(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  15. Simulation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Strength for Traction Drive Elements
    NARITA Yukihito(Muroran Institute of Technology)
    YAMANAKA Masashi(High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
    KAZAMA Toshiharu(Muroran Institute of Technology)
    OSAFUNE Yasuhiro(Muroran Institute of Technology)
    MASUYAMA Tomoya(Tsuruoka National College of Technology)
  16. Estimation and Improvement Method of Mesh Efficiency of Cylindrical Gears
    MORIKAWA Kunihiko(Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
    NISHIHARA Ryuta(Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
    MATSUMOTO Susumu(Waseda University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Development of A Multi-scale Simulator of Blood Flow from Cellular to Continuum Level
    OMORI Toshihiro(Tohoku University)
  2. A Study of Mechanical Regulatory Mechanism of Actin Cytoskeletal Structure Dynamics in Migrating Cells
    OKEYO Kennedy Omondi(The University of Tokyo)
  3. Research on Quantification of the Quality Depending on Human Feeling and its Application to Products Design
    CHIHARA Takanori(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  4. Regulatory Mechanism of Tendon Functions in Tissue Remodelling in Response to Mechanical Loadings
    MAEDA Eijiro(Hokkaido University)
  5. A Study on the Suppression of Hydrogen Embrittlement by Surface Modification
    TAKAKUWA Osamu(Tohoku University)
  6. Mechanical and Physical Characterization of Polymer-matrix Nanocomposite Systems for Design of High-performance Cryogenic Devices
    TAKEDA Tomo(Tohoku University)
  7. Research on Meshfree Methods for Solids and Structures
    TANAKA Satoyuki(Hiroshima University)
  8. Development of Fabrication Process of Functionally Graded Foam Material and Evaluation of its Mechanical Properties
    HIGUCHI Masahiro(Kanazawa University)
  9. Quantification and Modeling for Wall Chemical Quenching Effect on Micro-scale Combustion
    SAIKI Yu(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  10. Research on Combustion Phenomena and Gas Reforming Process in Woody Biomass Gasification
    NAKATSUKA Noriaki(Osaka University)
  11. Investigations into Multi-scale Thermo-fluid Dynamics: Transitions of Newtonian Fluid Through Pipe Flows and Electro-chemical Reactions in SOFCs Through Ionic and Electronic Current
    NISHI Mina(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  12. Unique Reaction Mechanisms in coal combustion for near Zero C02 Emissions
    WATANABE Hirotatsu(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  13. Study on Microscale Fluid Flows by nanoscale Flow Measure methods Using Evanescent wave
    KAZOE Yutaka(The University of Tokyo)
  14. Study of Micro/Nano Fluid Dynamic Phenomena Based on the Molecular Statistical Characteristics
    HANASAKI Itsuo(Osaka University)
  15. Improvement of measurement Accuracy of Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint
    MATSUDA Yu(Nagoya University)
  16. Haptic Signal Processing for Human Support Robot
    TSUJI Toshiaki(Saitama University)
  17. Wide-Area and Accurate 3D Measurement based on Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Image
    TERABAYASHI Kenji(Shizuoka University)
  18. Research on High-speed Manipulations of Flexible Objects by a High-speed Robot System
    YAMAKAWA Yuji(The University of Tokyo)
  19. Vibration Suppression of Flexible Structures Using Piezoelectric Elements
    YAMADA Keisuke(Kansai University)
  20. Study on Diagnosis and Evaluation of Tribological Phenomena Using Acoustic Emission Technique
    HASE Alan(Saitama Institute of Technology)
  21. Improvement of cooling performance of gas turbine blade
    AGATA Yukiko(Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.)
  22. Development of contact force measurement method on sliding area of high-pressure fuel pump
    ARITOMI Shunsuke(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  23. Development of a head-care robot using bio-signal evaluation
    ANDO Takeshi(Panasonic Corporation)
  24. Development of techniques for experiment and measurement of gas-liquid two-phase flow
    ISHIKAWA Atsushi(IHI Corporation)
  25. Development of the LED lighting equipment with dimming and color control function for ABENO HARUKAS building
    ISHITOBI Kenichi(Sharp Corporation)
  26. Handling robot for moving object using motion state estimation and prediction
    EMOTO Shuhei(IHI Corporation)
  27. Development of easy and effective coupling method between mechanical and structural analyses for electrographic devices
    OIKAWA Ken(Ricoh Company, Ltd.)
  28. Development of combustion control for gasoline HCCI engine system
    OGATA Kenishiro(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  29. Development of structural-design technology for construction machinery
    KITA Yasuki(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  30. Development of detection algorithm for BWR oscillation power range monitor using period standard deviation
    SAKAI Norio(Toshiba Corporation)
  31. Development of lead free Cu alloy for sliding members bearing metal
    SATO Tomohiro(Kurimoto, Ltd.)
  32. Development of numerical analysis method of flow-acoustic resonance in main steam line, and resonance suppression method
    TAMURA Akinori(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  33. Development of sheet feeding technique using friction reduction phenomenon of piled sheets by ultrasonic vibration
    TOYA Kiminori(Toshiba Corporation)
  34. Evaluation of Ash Deposition of Solid Fuel with Low Melting Point in Coal-fired Boiler
    PAK Haeyang(Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
  35. Development of microscopic simulation and life prediction of high Cr steel subject to Type IV creep damage
    FUKAHORI Takuya(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.)
  36. Development of technology to improve thermal fatigue life analysis solder joints in electronic devices
    MONDA Tomoko(Toshiba Corporation)
  37. Development of high-performance technology for hard disk drives according to the adaptive feed forward control
    YABUI Shota(HGST Japan, Ltd.)
  38. Development of structure of optical pickup for reducing angular error of optical component
    YAMASAKI Tatsuya(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  39. Development of the prediction method of interior noise in rolling stock
    YOSHIZAWA Takashi(Hitachi, Ltd.)

JSME Education Award (since2001)

  1. Social Contribution by the Robot Education Activities through the Academic Society
    KOTOSAKA Shinya(Saitama University)
    SATO Tomomasa(The University of Tokyo)
  2. Continued Excellence in the Fields of Educational Support through Exhibits and Events and Public Outreach in Science and Technology
  3. The Enlightenment of the Space and the Education Project of Next Generation Space Engineer by “The Satellite Design Contest”; Intended for Students from High School to Post-graduate
    The Satellite Design Contest Executive Committee

JSME Excellent Product Award(since 2005)